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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kieron Williamson aka Mini Monet

Kieron Williamson aka Mini Monet is only nine years old but his paintings were snapped up in 10 minutes and 50 seconds, earning him a whopping £106,260 in a recent exhibition.

Kieron first began drawing independently on the Williamson's first family holiday to Cornwall, England in May 2008. At the age of 5, Kieron had shown little interest in drawing up to that point in his life, but, inspired by the boats in a nearby port, Kieron asked his parents for a sketch pad. The very next day he was drawing pictures of boats and as the holiday progressed he began to add backgrounds, scenery, hills and houses.
As time progressed, so did Kieron's abilities.


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    Ps-Those paints are breathe taking.

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  4. Wow... he is amazing!!!! I can barely sketch a tree using stick figures and he's making 6 figures at age 9?! He is my new idol! That is so wonderful. I hope he continues to love this "hobby."

  5. What pretty paintings! He's quite an artist!

  6. WOW! That kid is amazing! I'd totally buy some of his artwork!

    Thanks for following me at - I actually started following you yesterday - I just forgot to comment! Yay for pregnancy brain!

  7. MY Gosh this is great. This reminds me of the art work my Dad did he was about 7-8 years.