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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Googly Eye Cake Mix Cookies

I've seen crinkle cookies made from boxed cake mix popping up on Pinterest from time to time but never tried making them until yesterday. Boy, have I been missing out! They are so easy to make! Just 3 ingredients, a few minutes in the oven and voila!  Perfect, soft, yummy, chewy cookies!
I added  'eyes' to these for a Halloweeny feel.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Was Featured!

Yep, my witch cauldron cake pops were featured in the Spooktacular Halloween roundup @ Say It With Cake!  What a great honour to be among such seriously talented and creative ladies!
With only a couple of days more to Halloween, you need all the inspiration you can get for a Halloween party that will be a huge hit! Check out these awesome ladies and their amazing talents here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed .........

I've always been fascinated by the amazing things cookiers do with iced cookies. They are like the canvas of pastry. I used to think that icing cookies was a piece of cake! How wrong was I! Just getting the right consistency and texture can be quite frustrating and it doesn't help that I have clumsy fingers and a short concentration span. I guess, like everything else in life, it just takes lots of practice. And I mean LOTS!
Nutter Butter Bikinis

How are these for my half-baked attempts? You don't wanna see those failed ones!!
Looks like icing cookies is so not my thing. All that outlining, flooding and washing up! Well, at least I gave it a go.

A video by my fave cookier Sweetopia to share. I've watched tons of tutorials and this is really fantastic.

How to outline and fill in cookies with royal icing

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Witch Cauldron Cake Pops

I saw these witch cauldron cake pops on Pint Sized Baker and  couldn't resist making them though we don't celebrate Halloween over here. Aren't these adorable and Halloweeny?
There are no young kids in our house and my teen boys weren't crazy about them so Josh distributed the pops at school. Turned out, these pops were a hit with the girls. You are welcome, son!
Such a cute idea!  A cauldron of bubbling bones and eyeballs!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going Nuts Over Nutter Butter

Happiness is .......
finding the last, expired packet of Nutter Butter on a supermarket shelf!
I am constantly amazed by the creative uses of this cookie but could never find them in our local supermarkets until yesterday when I found this last packet! I'm doing the happy dance!! Woohoo!!!
This cost me RM17.90 (USD5.63). I could buy 3 tins of our local peanut butter biscuits for that price but they don't come in the peanut shape. I was told by the grocer that they will not be importing any more as there is no demand for them so I shall keep these under lock and key (away from my boys!) until Christmas as I plan to make reindeer and little santas with them. Sorry, boys!

Like my acorns? Tutorial here.

Together with other bloggers, Miss Candiquik has compiled 40 sweet treats made using Nutter Butter on her blog.
Here are just 10 of my favourites. Visit here for the rest
Horse Cookies by Miss CandiQuik 
4th of July Flip Flops by Party Pinching
Puppy Cookies by CandiQuik
Nutter Butter BATS by Sweet Simple Stuff
Snowmen Cookies by Miss CandiQuik
Lamb Cookies by Hungry Happenings 
Bunny Slippers by Hungry Happenings
Reindeer Cookies by CandiQuik
Lorax Cookies by Embrace my Space

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Do You Like Your Burgers?

My boys are big burger fans and I'm always on the look-out for new ways to enjoy our burgers.
Give boring backyard burgers a twist with the following recipes.


 1. French Fry Bourbon Burgers
Recipe here

2. Shanghai Burgers
Recipe here
3. Rodeo Burgers
Recipe here
4.Masala Burgers with Grilled Paneer and Cilantro Chutney Mayo
Recipe here
5. Sukiyaki Beef Burger
Recipe here
6. Italian Style Cheeseburger
Recipe here
7. Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger
Recipe here
8. Tangy Thai BBQ Burger
Recipe here
9. Mexican Al Pastor Burger
Recipe here
10. Malaysian style Burger
Recipe here

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Ideas

More fall ideas to share.........

These fabric pumpkins are so stinkin' adorable and perfect for mantels and tablescapes. They could also double up as pin-cushions. Absolute cuteness!
Tutorial here
Wine Bottle Vases
Tutorial here
Upcycled Aluminum Can Fall Wreath
Tutorial here

Halloween Ruffled Spiders
Tutorial here
Gooey Monster Eye Cookies
Tutorial here
Tutorial here
Lime and Black Halloween Mantel
Candy Corn Chocolate Cake
Recipe here
Washi Tape Candles
Tutorial here
Tissue Paper Ghosts
And my favourite of them all....

Death by Candy Corn Halloween Carrot Cake
Recipe here
Do you decorate for Halloween? How is your decorating coming along?