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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going Nuts Over Nutter Butter

Happiness is .......
finding the last, expired packet of Nutter Butter on a supermarket shelf!
I am constantly amazed by the creative uses of this cookie but could never find them in our local supermarkets until yesterday when I found this last packet! I'm doing the happy dance!! Woohoo!!!
This cost me RM17.90 (USD5.63). I could buy 3 tins of our local peanut butter biscuits for that price but they don't come in the peanut shape. I was told by the grocer that they will not be importing any more as there is no demand for them so I shall keep these under lock and key (away from my boys!) until Christmas as I plan to make reindeer and little santas with them. Sorry, boys!

Like my acorns? Tutorial here.

Together with other bloggers, Miss Candiquik has compiled 40 sweet treats made using Nutter Butter on her blog.
Here are just 10 of my favourites. Visit here for the rest
Horse Cookies by Miss CandiQuik 
4th of July Flip Flops by Party Pinching
Puppy Cookies by CandiQuik
Nutter Butter BATS by Sweet Simple Stuff
Snowmen Cookies by Miss CandiQuik
Lamb Cookies by Hungry Happenings 
Bunny Slippers by Hungry Happenings
Reindeer Cookies by CandiQuik
Lorax Cookies by Embrace my Space


  1. Such creative ideas! I'd never heard of Nutter Butter ... pretty sure we don't have it in Australia - but now I wish we did!

  2. Those are all so cute... and taste good too.

  3. How fun, these are great! I like Nutter Butters. :)

  4. They are really cute! I like the bats just because of what time of year it is.

  5. I Love these photos, those are all so cute!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  6. what cute adorable ideas! I wonder if you could make a simple peanut shaped cookie cutter? either with flexible tin & fold and bend corners for safety or shape out of cardboard & several covering of aluminum foil?
    I bet your kids will be excited along with guests.
    Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

  7. What a cute round-up of ideas! I've got to give some of these a try. I'd be thrilled if you'd come on over to Pink Recipe Box and link up at Creative Wednesdays:

  8. every single idea was spectacular! I have never seen these cookies here in Canada.....

  9. these are such great ideas. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop! ♥

  10. Aw, I love Nutter Butter. My grandma used to sneak them to me as a kid, since my mom is a health food nut. I haven't had them in years though. If I see any, I'll have to grab them and try out some of these neat ideas. I love the Lorax, hahah!

  11. Well, I'll be!!! These creations, all of them....are superlative and ingenious.

    As for Nutter Butters...Bud love 'em. They ARE expensive here in the States too.