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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Just a gallimaufry of photos 📸

*Cat tax
Resident cat in Son#2's bouldering center.
*A cat tax is a cute image or video of a cat posted online as a fun, ironic “fine” (tax) upon introduction to a forum or social media platform, for breaking an internet group rule, or just for fun. Meow 😺

Dessert - jackfruit pudding


Would you have guessed that 2 of these were murals on the walls of a restaurant?
It's fascinating how this dull and lifeless mural on the wall in a restaurant suddenly became alive and vibrant in a photograph, almost like a portal to another world.


These photos were shot in my hometown, Ipoh


Las Vegas 1990


Dorothy @  wondered about the name "hawker center" and asked to explain in a post as she did not see the food vendors in Gallimaurfy#95. Sandra @, too, was curious about the name "hawker".

Ladies, I hope this answers your queries.

Hawker centers also known as food courts and Kopi Tiam are a common feature of Malaysian and Singaporean culinary culture. The term "hawker" refers to the vendors or street food sellers who operate these stalls. 
Historical Origins
The term "hawker" has historical roots in the British colonial era when street vendors and itinerant food sellers roamed the streets, selling their food from mobile carts or baskets. These vendors were colloquially referred to as "hawkers." Over time, as urbanization and modernization occurred in Malaysia and Singapore, many of these street vendors transitioned into more permanent stalls within designated areas, which eventually became known as "hawker centers."

Affordable Dining
Hawker centers are known for providing tasty and inexpensive food options, making them popular gathering places for locals and tourists alike. The affordability of the food aligns with the origins of street hawking, where vendors catered to people from various economic backgrounds.
This bowl of fish rice noodles only costs RM11 (USD2.35) 
When it's just the hubs and me, it works out to be more cost-effective to eat at a hawker center than to cook at home.
My Corner of the World

Saturday, September 23, 2023


Just a gallimaufry of photos 📸

The weather has been getting increasingly erratic these days. It seems like every day the forecast changes—the heat is oppressively intense in the afternoon, and then it rains cats and dogs in the evening. And yet, there are individuals and groups who deny or dispute the scientific consensus on climate change..

Awe? Pride?
Merdeka 118
... when you just found out that a building you had passed by countless times is the second tallest in the world.

Nah, more like disapproval. I personally think that competing for the world's tallest building is an ego-driven endeavor. The money could be better spent on other pressing needs, such as healthcare, education, or social welfare. There is  a running joke that playfully suggests that each time Malaysia changes its Prime Minister, there is a new contender for the title of the world's tallest building in the works or under construction.

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LunchNasi Goreng Pattaya 
Nasi Goreng in Malay translates as fried rice, and Pattaya is a city in Thailand. However, Nasi Goreng Pattaya is not a traditional Thai dish but a Malaysian creation.
Essentially, it is just fried rice wrapped in an omelet.


Tower Vaults, Tower Hill Terrace, London  2011

Can you guess what this is?
It's an ugly sculpture of a zongzi (rice dumpling).
The tradition of making these dumplings dates back more than 2000 years!

Zongzi were traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, but these days they have become popular as street food and are available throughout the year in many places.More about the festival here



My Corner of the World

Friday, September 15, 2023


Just a gallimaufry of photos 📸

Mother Mary's shrine
I love the uniqueness of this shrine in St. Michael's Church in my hometown. Dedicated to Mother Mary, the shrine has an unmistakable Asian influence in its design, which is very unusual for a Christian church.

Just another manic morning
Despite the frenetic pace of life, Malaysians always find time to have a brekkie in a hawker center before taking on the day's challenges.
Hawker centers are the heart and soul of Malaysian life, and there's always one at every turn and corner. Hawker fare is very affordably priced, and for singles and empty-nesters, it's cheaper to eat out than cook at home.

Can you spot the doggo?
Yellow hibiscus


Piazza della Repubblica, Florence 2022

Lunch and dinner  congee
Congee is the best remedy when you're feeling under the weather.

Skywatch from my balcony

My Corner of the World

Saturday, September 2, 2023


Just a gallimaufry of photos 📸

A street vendor selling durians

Breakfast  Dim Sum
Cheong fun
Fried shrimp dumplings
Har Gow
Lo Pak Gou
Lotus leaf  wrapped sticky rice
Sticky rice with a filling of chicken or pork, shitake mushroom, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, and salted egg is wrapped in a lotus leaf and then steamed to impart a subtle flavour to the rice.

Dim Sum 101
Teh Tarik contest
Participants compete to see who can make the most frothy and delicious cup of  Teh Tarik.
Teh tarik is a popular hot beverage in Malaysia and Singapore. It is made from black tea and condensed milk, and traditionally served in a glass or mug. The name “Teh Tarik” means “pulled tea,” and it is made by pouring the beverage back and forth between two containers at a distance. This process is used to create a foamy, frothy texture that is characteristic of Teh Tarik.


Tanoura Dance, Dubai 2011

The tanoura is a dance performed by men twirling in long, colourful skirts, originating from whirling dervishes.

So what is a dervish, and why do they whirl?
A dervish is a Muslim religious man who spins and twirls with increasing speed until he reaches a trance-like state.
Stripping layers of his clothes as he spins represents the different stages of ridding himself of earthly needs and reaching a state of spiritual surrender to God.
We watched this performance on a dhow cruise. The dancer was like a human top. He spun continously for a good 30 minutes without faltering. I got dizzy just watching him!

A video to share.