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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I HATE reCaptcha!

Grrrrrr!  I can't believe I've wasted 15 minutes of my life clicking on the i-am-not-a-robot captcha, just to leave a comment on one of my favourite blogs.

Examples of images with annoying street signs, traffic lights, vehicles, etc that are endless and impossible to solve.
I didn't get it right.
Failed again!
Nope, unsuccessful. Seriously?
Oh, come on!
Failed again ??? 

What???? How/Why is this wrong?  Now I am seriously pissed!

I hope my blog isn't giving you the same problem!  If it is, I have no control over it. Blame Google!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Turkey Day 2018

I made this turkey cookie  for Josh's university buddy who's an exchange student from America. He was feeling a little homesick and the cookie did cheer him up a little!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dot Painting

A friend of mine introduced me to dot painting recently. Making a  mandala out of dots is extremely fun and therapeutic. It really helps you to relax the mind and soul.

I thought it would be fun to try out the technique on my cookies.

Warning!  All that dotting really is addictive and I'm now seriously dotty about this art form!

Dotting the cookies was wonderfully cathartic.

It's probably easier to work with acrylic paints and dotting tools. With icing, it's hard to 'paint' uniform dots. The beauty of a dot mandala lies in the uniformly sized and perfectly aligned dots that form the fractals. I can't even get my dots to be perfectly round! Hence the haphazard, kindergarten-ish look of my cookies!

"The mandala is a template for the mind, a state of peace and order, a resolution to the chaos within."    Carl Jung

A dot mandala tutorial by my favourite artist Kristin Uhrig. Isn't she amazing!

Watching Kristin's tutorials is incredibly soothing!

Go put on some relaxing music, pour yourself a glass of wine and let your creative juices flow!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Kolam 2018

November is that time of the year when colorful *kolams pop up everywhere as Hindus the world over celebrate *Deepavali aka Diwali.

Sharing photos of this year's kolams I've captured at several malls in my neck of the woods.

Starbucks kolam!!

* Deepavali/Diwali also known as the Festival of Lights is celebrated by the Hindu Community to symbolize the triumph of good over evil; the victory of light over dark.

The entrances to Hindu homes are decorated with fresh mango leaves and kolams. It is believed that Lakshmi, The Goddess of Wealth, will only enter a home that is adorned with a kolam.

* Kolam is an ancient Indian art of drawing using colored rice grains or powdered rice to form symmetrical geometric patterns on the floor. The Hindus believe that a kolam at the entrance of a house will usher prosperity and harmony to the home. It is also believed that a kolam wards off evil spirits and diseases.

Another purpose of the kolam is to invite birds and small insects like ants to a home to symbolize man’s co-existence with and consideration for other living things.

Traditionally, the ritual is performed daily by the women of a household early in the morning.

 Fun Kolam Facts

1. The lines in a kolam must be continuous and unbroken so that evil cannot enter the house via the gaps.

2. The patterns are traditionally passed on from mothers to their daughters.

3. Kolam in the Tamil language means form and beauty.

4. As the kolam erases during the course of the day by birds and insects feeding on the rice, people's foot steps and the natural elements, a new kolam is drawn again the next morning, thus repeating the cycle. It imparts the idea that life is renewed daily.

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu pallies!