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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CSN $75 Gift Code Winner

The Gift Code goes to mamipdx.

I couldn't use's integer generator as blogger only displays the first 200 comments. The rest of the numbers are renumbered from 1 again. We had to draw lots and mamipdx was picked. Interestingly, how do you guys solve this problem? Any suggestions?

Congrats to the winner and a big THANK YOU to those who participated.

***Winner must reply to email notification within 48 hours of delivery or a new winner will be chosen

Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Gingerbread House Competition

Here are the winning entries from 20 states that took part in the 18th Annual National Gingerbread House Competition at The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa.

Grand Prize Winner
Heather Lewis - Austell, GA

Adult 1st Place
Angel Adkins - Kodak, TN

Adult 2nd Place
Barbara Evans - Edelstein, IL
& Mary Jo Dowling - Westford, MA

Adult 3rd Place
Linda Carney - Asheville, NC

Teen 1st Place
Skyla Delerme - Asheville, NC

Teen 2nd Place
Carly Owens - Swannanoa, NC

Teen 3rd Place
Laura Malanowski - Newton, NC

Youth 1st Place
Lydia Gentry - Hendersonville, NC

Youth 2nd Place
Gabriella Arthur - Easley, SC

Youth 3rd Place
Emily Spafford - Maryville, TN

Child 1st Place
Christian Ray - Charlotte, NC

Child 2nd Place
Shan Patel - Asheville, NC

Child 3rd Place
Grace Lebo - Nashville, TN

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jason Kronenwald - Gum Blondes

Canadian Jason Kronenwald creates portraits of blonde celebrities from 100% chewed bubblegum which are mounted on plywood backing. His subjects include Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Kate Moss.

No paint or dye is used. The colour is inherent to the gum. The mixing of colours takes place inside the mouth during chewing using an endless variety of companies. Kronenwald has a dedicated team of chewers and prefers the texture of Trident. However, he does not chew himself unless he must.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CSN $75 Gift Code Giveaway

Great news, pallies!! OF MICE AND raMEN is hosting another giveaway! I know how you guys heart CSN, judging from the last contest. Who wouldn't when you have 200+online stores with a gazillion cool products to shop for?!!! CSN has everything from leather briefcases to home decor items, to cookware and lots more!!

So what are you getting for your hubby this Christmas? I'm thinking a handsome briefcase that'll make him the envy of all his co-workers.

Here are two I've shortlisted



The Chinese believe that all good things come in twos and here's the second part of the good news. Starting Monday, Nov 22nd, you can enjoy special savings from CSN's Black Friday deals. Gift codes and other promotional codes won't apply but you're still getting some pretty amazing deals!!

Get a sneek peak at the following sites for exclusive savings at incredibly discounted prices!

Giveaway rules

1. You can't comment on CSN's facebook wall as it is against their company policy and overwhelms their social media team.

2. U.S and Canadian entrants only as CSN Stores can only ship within the US and Canada. Sorry, international pallies!!

Entry rules

Mandatory rule :

Visit briefcases and return with a comment stating your fav briefcase

Optional Extra entries

1. Post about this giveaway on your blog and link back to me. Leave a comment to show your link to the post. (1 entry)

2. Follow me on Google Friend Connect (1 Entry) and leave a comment so I know you're participating in the contest. I understand that they are some followers from blog hops who are not into giveaways!

3. Tweet about this giveaway (1 comment)

4. Add my button or blog url to your sidebar (1 comment)

5. Follow me on twitter @veronicalee05 (leave username) (1 comment)
Contest deadline

Midnight GMT+8 on 30th November 2010's integer generator will be used to choose a random winner.


**Winner must reply to email notification within 48 hours of delivery or a new winner will be chosen


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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yoav Kotik - Bottle Cap Jewelry

52 year-old Israeli designer Yoav Kotik sculpts jewelry from discarded bottle caps.




Cuff Links




Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Did You Buy Me That ?

If you thought receiving that seriouly ugly door-stopper was the mother of bad gifts, check these out!!!

Visit the site for more fun submissions.

“One of our guests walked into our home with this… thing… and presented it to us as a gift at our last holiday party. It is a decorative reindeer with a phallic nose, and antlers that are supposed to hold tealight candles. We put it out on the curb the next day and wrote “free” and someone picked it up (probably to use as firewood). I know it’s the thought that counts but this thing was truly ugly. And I have a 3 year old. I don’t want to start answering questions about that nose!” -Dianna

“I had a dachshund when I was a little girl, and I still love them. But what am I supposed to do with a pleather dachshund pocketbook, complete with red bedazzled collar and tongue that hangs out? I’m 48 years old!” -Melissa

Worst re-gift ever seen

“I have no idea what this thing even is. As soon as I opened it, I just thought to myself: Why the hell did you buy me that! MY NAME IS BARBARA HARRIS!” -Submitted by Barbara
“I think this is a seahorse with an erect penis. I hate it.” -Verona

“Yuck yuck yuck! I hate this shrimp platter. It looks like the inside of an ear canal. There are shrimp tails glued to it, and they can’t even be removed. Tacky! It is the thought that counts when giving a gift, but I refuse to use this thing. ” -Submitted by Loretta in GA

The look says it all! -Project BS


“You think the other gifts on this website are bad? My boyfriend gave me a f*cking MCDONALDS STRAW for my birthday last month. I hate McDonalds! And it says right on the package it’s suitable for 3 YEAR OLDS!!!” -Submitted by Katherine

A personal traffic light! Classy. (Submitted by Henry)

“A co-worker gave me this golden poop award for my desk. How thoughtful right? It’s a running joke that I always say I am being sh*t on, so the last thing I wanted was more crap. It’s disgusting, but I feel like if I don’t keep it out on my desk she will think I am being ungrateful. Dilemma!” -Jaye

My boyfriend of 5 years gave me a cheap plastic GLOBE for Valentine’s Day this year. I got him a plasma television. I don’t know what to get rid of first: the globe or the man. Kidding! Sort of!” -Jenna

What's the worst ever gift you ever received? Did you re-gift it?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jim's Pancakes - Part II

Ferris Wheel

Remember Jim, the father who makes cool pancakes for his 3 year-old daughter Allie? It's been quite a while since I last visited his blog and here are more fun pancakes!

"Introducing the pancake burger. Bun, burger, tomato, cheese and lettuce. Oh, there’s fries and ketchup too."