Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jim's Pancakes - Part II

Ferris Wheel

Remember Jim, the father who makes cool pancakes for his 3 year-old daughter Allie? It's been quite a while since I last visited his blog and here are more fun pancakes!

"Introducing the pancake burger. Bun, burger, tomato, cheese and lettuce. Oh, there’s fries and ketchup too."


ClaireyH said...

That is not food, that is art, wow! What a lucky little girl to get to try such special treats.

Sommer J said...

Very nice! The toilet one is quite interesting- thus my kids would love it!

Purple Cow said...

Edible? WOW...wish he could do the same with fruit and veggies!

Lin said...

That Jim has an awful lot of time in the morning, doesn't he?! Shouldn't he be throwing in some laundry or something??

And the big question....does Jim clean up the kitchen after he's made these colorful pancakes??

That said--I love Jim's creativity. And while I can barely eat my breakfast, homeboy is making sculptures???! Wow. Jim's daughter is lucky to have a fun dad.

L. said...

The toilet one made me LOL.

Rocio said...

Everything is soooo cute^^

blueviolet said...

Those are just soooo neat!

~ Noelle said...

his kids are in for a treat when he stops making them!
lol, meals will never be as fun
i would LOVE to eat art like that... even onc