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Thursday, November 30, 2023


 Day 62nd day in Santorini


El Greco Resort Hotel, Karterádos


St. Nektarios Chapel in the Holy Monastery of Prophet Elias Thira. This chapel is dedicated to St. Nektarios of Aegina, a revered Greek Orthodox saint known for his piety and miracles.

Pyrgos village is a typical example of medieval architecture with narrow, labyrinthine streets, fortified walls and hidden passages.
Amidst the maze's twists and turns, lies an unexpected gem. 

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church


Lobster lunch @ Vassilokos Restaurant
Unique black sand beach at Kamari
The pebbly black sand is the aftermath of the volcanic eruption that occurred here thousands of years ago. 
The iconic blue church domes of Santorini

The famous postcard shot of the three blue domes in Oia.
Named after its distinctive bell tower, Three Bells of Fira is a Catholic church dedicated to the Dormition.

Shops and restaurants beckon amidst Oia's chaotic web of stairs and slopes.

Church of Panagia
Dinner @ Skala Restaurant
After a sumptuous dinner, a bustling crowd formed, and people were making a beeline for the most strategic points to seize the breathtaking glory of Santorini's legendary sunsets. I decided to remain where I was, content in my own idyllic spot, people-watching and enjoying the enchanting scenery surrounding me.
 A member of our group said he suffered several elbow jabs to his ribs as people jostled for position to capture one of the most famous sunsets in the world.

A glorious sunset shot by our tour leader

My Corner of the World

Wednesday, November 22, 2023



We had a couple of hours to chill at the divine Porto Mykonos Hotel before our 3-hour ferry ride to Santorini.

Breakfast with a view

Love the quaint cubic architecture.

Ferry ride to Santorini

Santorini Main Square

Meet Marcos, the mascot of Santorini
He’s a nice tribute to the Santorini donkeys, who were once the lifeline of the island and were essential for carting goods, building materials, and people up and down the cliffs of Santorini.

When in Greece, you must indulge in a gyros.

A picturesque settlement perched on the cliffside of a caldera

Evil Eye
The Greek evil eye, known as "mati," holds a captivating mystique and cultural significance. Its cobalt-blue hue, often depicted in various forms like jewelry, keychains, or ornaments, serves as a talisman against malevolent intentions and negative energy. This potent symbol, deeply rooted in Greek folklore, is believed to safeguard against envy and ward off misfortune. 🧿
Our ambitious plan to conquer the 588-step Donkey Path (Karavolades Stairs), zig-zagging down to the old port, was abruptly halted by my protesting knees that groaned with every step I attempted. Besides, the stifling heat and smell of donkey poo were overwhelming. After descending no more than 10 steps, I called it quits. The hubs and Son#2 ventured a bit farther, but they too turned back. We detoured to ChillBox for a delicious frozen Greek yogurt instead!🍨
The Karavolades Stairs
Best frozen Greek yoghurt ever!

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