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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School Break

After all that whining about the gloomy and miserable weather we've been getting, yesterday's was glorious with lots of sunshine, blue skies and temps in the 90s. Phew! I thought the rain was never gonna stop! Sunny means hot and hot means quick drying time for royal icing and minimal colour bleeds. I am doing the happy dance!  So I seized the chance to bake more cookies before Mother Nature changes her mind.

Here's to blue skies and sunshine!

School is out for our mid-term break and this blog is taking a mini vacation.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teddy Bear Cookies

Just a couple of months back, I was begging for rain when we were hit by the longest drought ever. The monsoon season finally came and it has been raining every single day since. The wet and gloomy weather is kinda depressing and though I know the sun will shine again, I couldn't help but wonder what if the rain keeps falling and never goes away? I am thinking of the song by Bonnie Raitte from the movie "Home On The Range".

Rain is pourin' down like the
Heavens are hurtin'.
Seems like it's been dark since
The devil knows when.
How do you go on, never knowin'
For certain,
Will the sun ever shine again?

Feels like it's been years since
It started to thunder.
Clouds are campin' out in the valley
And glen.
How do you go on, when you can't help
But wonder.
Will the sun ever shine again?

What if the rain keeps fallin'?
What if the sky stays gray?
What if the winds keep squallin',
And never go away?

Maybe soon the storm will be
Tired of blowin'.
Maybe soon it all will be over, amen.
How do you go on, if there's no way
Of knowin'?
Will the sun ever shine?
Wish I could say.
Send me a sign-
One little ray.
Lord, if you're list'nin', how long
Until then?
Will the sun ever shine again?

Baking these bears cheered me up instantly.
Yes, Lord - send me a sign, one little ray. And if you're listening, how long until then? Will the sun ever shine again?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teachers' Day

Malaysian schools celebrate Teachers' Day on the 16th of May every year. It is not an official school holiday; celebrations are usually held earlier if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

I come from a family of teachers and my dad was a Math and History teacher. Most of my aunts and uncles were in the teaching profession  and both my sisters are teachers!
I strongly believe that teaching is a vocation, not just a job and some people are just not meant to be teachers. I can still remember a couple of nasty teachers I had in secondary school who still petrify me whenever I bump into them. The worst of them all was Miss H, our Math teacher and disciplinary mistress. She slapped my face hard when I didn't submit my Math homework! And she was always yelling at us throughout her class. She once threw the chalk duster at us when one of us yawned during her class! I can still recall her wearing very high stilettos and we would tremble at the sound of her footsteps when she walked towards our classroom for Math lessons!
The school I attended was a convent school and tyrants like her were lauded. I am quite sure the nuns delighted in seeing us tormented!
The last I heard, she was transferred to another school, infamous for its unruly students and large number of dropouts. Unfortunately for her, her tyranny didn't quite go down well with them. They punctured her car tyres and a couple of them even tried to beat her up. Karma, I say!
Wise Owls
I made these owlies as tokens of appreciation for my boys' teachers. I have Callye to thank for the inspiration. Would you have guessed that a fish cookie cutter was used to make these!!!??

Friday, May 9, 2014

FYBF (Flog Yo Blog Friday)

Wanna connect with some awesome bloggy buddies from down under?  I have just discovered this fun Aussie blog hop created by Brenda Gaddi who is also the founder of Digital Parents.

FlogYoBlogFriday or FYBF is an initiative of Digital Parents and hosted by our Linky Love Goddess Grace. It's one of the longest running blog linkies in Australia. It's a wonderful opportunity to get to know bloggers in the Aussie community whilst promoting your awesome posts. Think about this - if you are a night owl like me, you can still blog wayyyy into the night with your sisters from the southern hemisphere while our sisters from the north are in slumberland!

Let's get flogging and add your post to the linky here.

Happy Mother's Day, BTW!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Love

Mother's Day is nearly upon us and my head is swimming in images I want to cookify. I wanted to make something special for my 90 year-old mom. Mom's fave animal has always been the giraffe and I thought these cookies of a mother giraffe nuzzling her calf are just perfect for her. I used Mom's fave color, rose, for the background and a swirl rose to adorn the mama giraffe's head. My mom's name is Rosa - rose in Latin.
Mother's Love

And I made these daisy bouquets for my buddies