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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snow Globes Of Horror

These are not your traditional snow globes depicting happy Christmas scenes. On closer inspection, you'll see a winter wonderland gone horribly wrong - nightmarish, chilly and macabre :
children are flung down wells, giant spiders roam the land and people hurl themselves off cliff edges (The Cliff, 2006 above).

These ghoulish snow globes are the creations of husband and wife team Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz.

The snow globes are beautiful in a dark way and they leave you disturbed and, well, shaken !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aloha Friday



Tough choice but I'd take a pass on my cellphone.

In a global survey ( I was paid USD2 for participating ) ,11 of 15 countries say they'd turn off the TV before they'd silence their mobile phone or log off the internet. Women, especially, will forgo their favourite shows, voting to do so by a greater percentage then men in all but 4 countries. Younger respondents are more likely to take a pass on TV, but older folks don't necessarily shun the online experience. In Singapore, not a single person over 45 voted to stop surfing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Storm Drain Art

These fun painted storm drains were created by Brazilian artists Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente from 6emeia to brighten up the streets of São Paulo. Over the years, these drains had turned into popular tourist attractions.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Liz Hickok - Jello Art

Liz Hickok is no ordinary artist. A photographer and sculptor, the Californian uses jelly to construct model cities like this magical landscape of San Francisco.

Camelback Mountain

Twin Peaks

Coit Tower

Civic Center with New City Hall

Bay Bridge

The White House

Alamo Square

Palace Of Fine Arts

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aloha Friday

My question is "Who is your favourite cartoon character?"

I love Squidward Tentacles! He's the most misunderstood character in Bikini Bottom. Even his name is a misnomer! He's actually an octopus. To most, he's a grouchy, stick-in-the-mud old meanie but I think he's one classy octopus who's really an old softie deep inside. He loves SpongeBob more than he cares to admit. He is well-educated, plays the clarinet, sculpts and paints and even does interpretive dance. His idea of a Sunday is eating bon-bon and having a foot massage and pedicure. I would consider dating him if he were human except that he's rumoured to be gay!

Here are some random facts about Squidward.

Did you know that.......................

1. Squidward lives at 22 Conch Street?

2. His middle name is Johannsen ?

3. He names his clarinet 'Clary ?

4. His character is voiced by Robert Bumpass ?

5. His rival is Squilliam Fancyson?

6. Squidward's name is a combination of the word 'squid' and the name 'Edward' ?

7. His favorite song is "Solitude in E Minor?

8. He's claustrophobic? (though when Patrick asks what it means, Spongebob says that it means he's afraid of Santa Claus) ?

9. He's rumoured to be gay?

10.He wears a pair of pink bunny slippers?

Mark Northeast - Sandwich art

UK-based food artist Mark Northeast knows how to really rock a sandwich! He creates sandwiches that his son Oscar would eat, in the forms of unique images, such as Winnie the Pooh(above) , to encourage kids to eat a varied diet. He hopes to soon come out with a photobook of his work