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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aloha Friday

My question is "Who is your favourite cartoon character?"

I love Squidward Tentacles! He's the most misunderstood character in Bikini Bottom. Even his name is a misnomer! He's actually an octopus. To most, he's a grouchy, stick-in-the-mud old meanie but I think he's one classy octopus who's really an old softie deep inside. He loves SpongeBob more than he cares to admit. He is well-educated, plays the clarinet, sculpts and paints and even does interpretive dance. His idea of a Sunday is eating bon-bon and having a foot massage and pedicure. I would consider dating him if he were human except that he's rumoured to be gay!

Here are some random facts about Squidward.

Did you know that.......................

1. Squidward lives at 22 Conch Street?

2. His middle name is Johannsen ?

3. He names his clarinet 'Clary ?

4. His character is voiced by Robert Bumpass ?

5. His rival is Squilliam Fancyson?

6. Squidward's name is a combination of the word 'squid' and the name 'Edward' ?

7. His favorite song is "Solitude in E Minor?

8. He's claustrophobic? (though when Patrick asks what it means, Spongebob says that it means he's afraid of Santa Claus) ?

9. He's rumoured to be gay?

10.He wears a pair of pink bunny slippers?


  1. LOL, okay I knew none of that I and watch sponge bob a lot...um, with my kid :)


  2. Get outta here! Where did you find the hook up for this info? LOL I like Squidward too. I think he's a softie in spite of what appears to be a grouchy demeanor. I like so many cartoon characters..Tom and Jerry, Fred Flinstone, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. Hard choices!

  3. LOL, Bestest Buddie this is hilarious!
    Where did you get all that info?

  4. Gotta Love Spongebob!
    I'm with Tami - you're so resourceful!

  5. Well Spongebob is banned in our house since it's too crude for my little guys, but I'm a Goofy Fan. In fact 18 years ago my nephew started calling me Auntie Goofy because I did "goofy" things with him. I'm not sure I can come close to offerings facts on Goofy, but:


    KNOWN ALIASES: Hound Dog (?); Dippy Dawg; Dippy the Goof; Mr. George G. Geef; Goofy Geef; Sport Goofy; the Mighty Knight.

    CITIZENSHIP: Spoonerville, USA

    1st PRINT APPEARANCE: As "Dippy Dawg," and later as "Goofy," he was a regular in the "Mickey Mouse" daily strips until earning his own title "Goofy" in 13 of Dell's "Four-Color" from 1953 to 1962; "The Phantom Blot" #2 in "The Phantom Blot Meets Super Goof" (1965 - as Super Goof).

    KNOWN RELATIVES: Maximillian "Max" (son); Gilbert, Marmaduke, Roderick (nephews); Debbie (niece); Ophal Dizzy Esq., Wombat, Joe, Howan Dawg, Angelo, Verner von Goof (uncles); Matilda, Goofilia (aunt); Batts (cousin); Cap'n Windjammer, Gen. Patten-Leather (great-uncle); various famous historical "Goofkin" such as Arizona Goof and the Mighty Knight; [?] Penny? (wife).

  6. haha cute post. my favorite is DUMBO. I forgot about him for years, than recently heard a song from the movie and it brought me back to the love I had for the movie as a kid.

  7. Ooh, good question. Hmmm... favorite of all time? Is Cinderella a cop out? ;-)

  8. LOL..you know alot of history w/ him!! My kids like Spongebob!!

    Hmmm..cartoon character???? If I had to choose ONE, it would be Popeye!!!! Reminds me when I was a little kid!

  9. okay - I'm showing my age.. I love Casper, the friendly ghost because he was always misunderstood...

  10. I love Hello Kitty! I think she is just absolutely adorable, very girly and pink. Love it.

    By the way, all of those Squidward facts are great!

  11. I love Squidward! Well, I love that whole Spongebob gang--they make me laugh! Happy weekend, Veronica!

  12. I know all the words to sponge bob! And I am prepared to sing it with my boys at any time!!

  13. What a fun post!
    My son used to watch sponge bob.
    He still watches sometimes but says he doesn't like it as much as before. But I do :- )