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Sunday, February 15, 2009

In memory of Hermie

Some of you may have noticed my new avatar. It's the picture of our beloved hermit crab, Hermie, who died last Wednesday. He was 10 months old. We inherited Hermie from my sister when she migrated to Canada. I knew his time had come, when I saw the strange look in his eyes. His limbs were stiff and frozen-like. He fell out of his shell as soon as I picked him up. I'm glad I was there for him when he died. We're saddened by his death and want him remembered in a special way.
I miss Hermie, especially his cute little 'pop-out' beady eyes , the wiggly feelers and playful pinches.
The empty shells - a sad reminder of Hermie I can still feel his presence especially in the quiet of the day when the boys are at school and hubby at work. I can almost hear him scuttling about in his aquarium as he clinked the empty shells around him. It was a trick he employed solely for me that meant 'come play with me' in crab language. It's hard to imagine that a critter so tiny, has its place in life and capable of giving so much joy.
  RIP Hermie