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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teddy Bear Cookies

Just a couple of months back, I was begging for rain when we were hit by the longest drought ever. The monsoon season finally came and it has been raining every single day since. The wet and gloomy weather is kinda depressing and though I know the sun will shine again, I couldn't help but wonder what if the rain keeps falling and never goes away? I am thinking of the song by Bonnie Raitte from the movie "Home On The Range".

Rain is pourin' down like the
Heavens are hurtin'.
Seems like it's been dark since
The devil knows when.
How do you go on, never knowin'
For certain,
Will the sun ever shine again?

Feels like it's been years since
It started to thunder.
Clouds are campin' out in the valley
And glen.
How do you go on, when you can't help
But wonder.
Will the sun ever shine again?

What if the rain keeps fallin'?
What if the sky stays gray?
What if the winds keep squallin',
And never go away?

Maybe soon the storm will be
Tired of blowin'.
Maybe soon it all will be over, amen.
How do you go on, if there's no way
Of knowin'?
Will the sun ever shine?
Wish I could say.
Send me a sign-
One little ray.
Lord, if you're list'nin', how long
Until then?
Will the sun ever shine again?

Baking these bears cheered me up instantly.
Yes, Lord - send me a sign, one little ray. And if you're listening, how long until then? Will the sun ever shine again?


  1. Those darling bear cookies brings a smile to me instantly too.

    But...heavens to betsy...send some of the rain HERE. Please.

  2. Cookies are adorable! It does get tiresome I think to have many gray rainy days; that's why I don't think I could live some place like Seattle here where it gets a lot of rain and cloudy weather. I like the sun too much, LOL. I do hope there is a break in the rain with some sunny days coming your way soon!


  3. Cute bear cookies!! Rainy season is almost upon us here also. Usually June/July/August we can expect at least one downpour a day... sending you some sunshine!!

  4. We could use some of your rain! Perhaps we could trade? HAHA- Those bears are charming. Nice details :)

  5. We had quite a bit of rain a few months ago. But these days, you wouldn't think it's winter in a week! People are swimming in the ocean and the water temperature is a perfect 21 degrees!
    Gorgeous bears, they'd cheer me up too :)

  6. I wish there was a middle ground. If it's raining, it's raining for days. Then it's dry for too long.

  7. Love your teddy bear cookies - they are so pretty and adorable - too cute to eat! You did a great job. Visiting from Tuesday With a Twist Blog Hop! Have a healthy happy day!

  8. I wouldn't be able to eat them. Look how cute they are! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I hope your having a great Thursday!