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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teachers' Day

Malaysian schools celebrate Teachers' Day on the 16th of May every year. It is not an official school holiday; celebrations are usually held earlier if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

I come from a family of teachers and my dad was a Math and History teacher. Most of my aunts and uncles were in the teaching profession  and both my sisters are teachers!
I strongly believe that teaching is a vocation, not just a job and some people are just not meant to be teachers. I can still remember a couple of nasty teachers I had in secondary school who still petrify me whenever I bump into them. The worst of them all was Miss H, our Math teacher and disciplinary mistress. She slapped my face hard when I didn't submit my Math homework! And she was always yelling at us throughout her class. She once threw the chalk duster at us when one of us yawned during her class! I can still recall her wearing very high stilettos and we would tremble at the sound of her footsteps when she walked towards our classroom for Math lessons!
The school I attended was a convent school and tyrants like her were lauded. I am quite sure the nuns delighted in seeing us tormented!
The last I heard, she was transferred to another school, infamous for its unruly students and large number of dropouts. Unfortunately for her, her tyranny didn't quite go down well with them. They punctured her car tyres and a couple of them even tried to beat her up. Karma, I say!
Wise Owls
I made these owlies as tokens of appreciation for my boys' teachers. I have Callye to thank for the inspiration. Would you have guessed that a fish cookie cutter was used to make these!!!??


  1. Your biscuits are AMAZING!!! I need to start looking at my cookie cutters in news ways ;)

  2. Hi darling,
    It seems you don't have pleasant memories about some teachers but
    it looks that your creations are sweeter than Math!

  3. Very cool biscuits!
    I went to school where mostly the teachers had a tough time. One girl threw a chair at our English teacher. High school. Roughest days of my life.

  4. That's fun that you used a fish cookie cutter and they make perfect owls. :)

    I had mostly good teachers (thank goodness) but my 2nd oldest had an AWFUL 1st Grader, and the 2nd grade teacher was her best friend. Sigh. He never really recovered enough to love school after that, and I'm still baffled she went into teaching. Hurrah for the good teachers!!

  5. What a gorgeous gift for your sons' teachers! As a former teacher, I really do think it would be so nice if we had a day to celebrate teachers here too. I am so shocked to read about your maths teacher. What a horrible human being. Yah for karma!

  6. That's so nice that they all get a break at the same time! I love the cookies. How cool to make 1 thing transform into something else!

  7. I love that you used an upside down fish cookie cutter to make the owls. That is so clever! This is such a fun teacher gift. Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange.

  8. So creative!! I never would have thought to turn a fish shape into an owl.

  9. How clever to get an owl out of a fish cookie cutter! So cute and so talented you are! That is a scary teacher; yep, it does seem that she got her due at that other school!


  10. Clever! Cute owl cookies using a fish cookie cutter- great job :)

  11. Awesome! You certainly have a gift for cookie decoration. My fish cutout probably wouldn't even look like a fish, but your fish-owls are adorable! Thanks for sharing@

  12. YIKES! That is a scary teacher story. As a former teacher, I appreciate my children's teachers and thank them as often as possible and help in the classroom whenever they need a hand. It frightens me to hear stories like yours because I know them to be true... My daughter had a terrible kindergarten teacher and to this day I think back and wonder why I wasn't more vocal in getting her out of that classroom... I guess I just wanted her to prove me wrong and I wanted to give her the chance to do better. what a waste of a year. Anyhow... Your owl cookies are adorable! I cannot believe they were made with a fish cookie cutter. Amazing! Where would we be without people who inspire us?! :) Clever indeed!

  13. As a current teacher, I know your cookies would be appreciated over here! I'd go crazy (along with all of the teachers in my building) if I had a student's parent as thoughtful as you are.

    Also, I love your creativity! Keep the beautiful creations coming...I'm drooling! :)

  14. Omigoodness those owls are adorable!! Very creative using the fish cookie cutter!