Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kyle Lambert - ipad Finger Paintings

Did you know that there is a $8 app called Brushes for your ipad tablet?
UK based artist Kyle Lambert marveled the world with these jaw-dropping paintings that were done using only one finger as his brush.



Kathy Holmes

Jennifer Aniston

Megan Fox

Jude Law

David Beckham


Will Smith


Visit for more info.


min violet said...

wow...great,u know,all your post is awesome...

Krystyl said...

Hi there, I found you VIA Bass Giraffe's Thursday Blog Hop
Hope you can check out my blog
I'm fairly new and would LOVE a new
We're also hosting a weekend BlogHop !!

Sugar said...

No way!! This is absolutely fabulous!!

momto8 said...

one finger! wow!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

The Jennifer Aniston one looks like a photo!

L. said...

Wow, that is some seriously amazing work! The last drawing of Beyonce looks like a photograph!

wheatgerm said...

the stars oh my!!!

alissa4illustration said...

I like the one of Will Smith the best!

angel said...

I love this . I love art and was looking for an app like this , however I do not have a ipad. Nice post and I like your blog .

Steph said...

the one of jennifer aniston is amazing! she's so beautiful and he captures her beauty so well. he is an amazing artist!