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Monday, December 19, 2011

Karen Bit Vejle - Psaligrafi

Psaligrafi literally means to draw or paint with scissors, in other words, the Art of Patience.

Karen Bit Vejle's papercuts are performed from a large, continous piece of paper that is folded one, two and three times and then cut using only a pair of scissors.

Every cut is carefully planned and the slightest mistake would mean disastrous results.

Scissors for a brush

Karen's Website


  1. That is amazing! I can barely make a decent snowflake with a piece of

  2. I just gasped with each successive photo! Oh My Goodness, such talent and patience. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us, Veronica. Love it.

  3. Wow. and wow. That is lovely. Such patience. I couldn't even imagine trying that.

  4. simply amazing!!!! i can barely cut a straight line never mind giving this a try! ha!!! i don't know how she does it. my volume does not work so i'm not sure how much the video reveals... how long does it take to cut one of her masterpieces?!

  5. That is just absolutely gorgeous. As a mom who can't make a successful snowflake. I'm in awe of this wonderful work of art she created.

    Following you from the mommy cronicles hop.


  6. Wow! That is truly amazing! She does beautiful work. I can't even cut out a pretty snowflake LOL, I can't even imagine trying to do that!

  7. Patience is right! There are seriously no words to describe how amazing that is! I'm speechless...and trust me, that never happens!

    Happy holidays!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's for Dinner

  8. This reminds me of the white paper project I have my students do. It's their first project. I grade them on craft, depth and creativity. They have to make an animal out of white paper in relief form. Some of them are amazing! I get better ones every year.

  9. Wow, absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  10. This is Beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Veronica.
    -SpicyMom at MBC

  11. That is just amazing!! I can make snowflakes, but there is no way I'd have the skill for that!

  12. oh wow...what she does is amazing!