Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Adele's Bridge

Bridges fascinate me, especially the old ones built from centuries ago.There is something magical about these structures that are designed to connect people and places that would otherwise have to exist separately.

I can still recall the first time I caught a glimpse of London's Tower Bridge ahead on the horizon. Having seen this bridge in so many pictures and movies, and always hoping to see it myself one day, it felt surreal crossing it. Every sense in me heightened. I tried to take it all in as fast and as much as I could.Then the brief encounter was over and everything was but a memory. I wanted to turn around and cross it all over again!

That same feeling was awaken when I spotted an ornate fairy-tale-like bridge across the River Seine. I didn't realize it at first but we were actually crossing the most beautiful bridge in Paris and some say, the world! It only hit me then that the bridge was Pont Alexandre III when I recognized the elegant candelabras that graced the balustrades from Adele's video Someone Like You.
image source - Google maps
The ornate bridge was breathtakingly beautiful and with the gold glistening against the drab, gray Paris sky, it was a sight to behold.

Pont is French for bridge. The bridge is named after Alexandre III, the Russian Tsar responsible for signing the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892.

Gilded statues of Fame restraining Pegasus crown the 4 columns that act as counterweights for the single spanning arch –  a marvel of 19th century engineering. Each of these columns has a name : Renommée des Sciences (Fame of the Sciences), Renommée des Arts (Fame of the Arts), Renommée du Commerce (Fame of Commerce) and Renommée de l'Industrie (Fame of Industry).
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Fame of Commerce

Fame restraining Pegasus

Fame of Industry
The 4 columns are each adorned with a statue allegorical of a specific and important period of French history: King Louis XIV, Charlemagne, Contemporary France and Renaissance France.

Statue of King Louis XIV in front of the Fame of  Industry

Adele's Bridge!

Crossing the bridge in a bus, we missed out many elaborate sculptures on the bridge : lions, cherubs, nymphs, maidens, cupids, water spirits, fish, scalloped seashells, sea monsters.... Plus, taking photographs in a moving vehicle proved to be quite a challenge! Just as I was about to click the camera, the bus would have passed the intended subject already!

I was having a tough time using the above image to find related images on the web so I could identify the sculpture when my son Rodney pointed out to me that  the black thingy wasn't part of the sculpture –  it was a sticker on the window of our coach!!!  :smack:

Photo fail!

Sharing instead the following HD images, courtesy of
image credit -
This sculpture (the one with the window sticker!) embellishes a candelabra on the bridge. There are 4 candelabras that are surrounded by statues of cupids with aquatic creatures at their feet. Although they share the same theme, the cupids and aquatic creatures/sea monsters are not identical.
image credit -
image credit -

The back of the nymph and the keystone sculpture facing the water
The bridge is flanked by two nymph reliefs centered on both sides of the bridge facing the water  –  nymphs from the River Seine (France) on one side and nymphs from the River Neva (Russia) on the opposite side.
Nymphs of the Seine

Sculptures On The Bridge

Statue of Nereide (water spirit)
image credit -
Enfant Au Crabe (child with crab)

There is a crab where the child is kneeling, hence its name

Fillette a la Coquille (Girl with a shell)
image credit - Myrabella (Wikimedia Commons)
8 years and this video still gives me goosebumps! Now, even more!

What is the most beautiful bridge you have seen?

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betty said...

I like that song of Adele's! Beautiful scenery she chose for it! Such a beautiful bridge! I would say for me the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty impressive in San Francisco. Usually bridges "freak" me out since I'm not fond of heights!


Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely breathtaking! I too would want to cross those bridges over & over. Enjoyed the history of it all.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What an amazing bridge, and very interesting post.

Mandy said...

I've seen that bridge but I had no idea it was supposed to be one of the prettiest bridges in Paris! That's awesome! You have such detailed images from there! It makes me want to go back and purposely explore the bridge rather than just walking over it. <3

With Love,

XmasDolly said...

This place is heavenly and so is the song! Thanks for sharing. You're duh best, and have a fabulous weekend my dear sweet friend... hugs!

Treat and Trick said...

Thanks for your lovely comment and for sharing this wonderful post. Wishing you a beautiful weekend..

The Writing Greyhound said...

That looks absolutely beautiful! I'd love to visit and see it in person one day #thatfridaylinky

stevebethere said...

What a beautiful bridge i enjoyed all the photos and love Adele :-)

Have a bridgetastic week :-)

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Interesting history and the gilded statues are gorgeous!

Phil Slade said...

I enjoyed your post and pictures. I liked your analogy of bridges joining people and places. Never been to Paris. It looks quite beautiful.

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific said...

I also think that Pont Alexandre is the most beautiful bridge I've ever seen. I also love Tower Bridge and Golden Gate.

Tom said...

...I also enjoy bridges of all types! This one is an art gallery too. I have seen counterweights on several bridges, but never anything this grand. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure.

Aditya Narayan Mohanty said...

Looking good . Please check out my post.

riitta k said...

That is a stunning bridge indeed! Your photos make me long for Paris :)

Joanne said...

Such a pretty bridge! I just love all those details.

Enda Sheppard said...

Lovely idea for a post and some great pictures — can never have enough photos of Paris! #

An Apel a Day said...

I love the bits of gold that stand out. I can see why you like bridges so much. This is really pretty!

Cath said...

Oh My! such an ornate bridge...very beautiful! I wonder how I missed it while I was in Paris :) I know what you mean about Tower Bridge...the first time I saw it after 20 years absence, it brought tears to my eyes...Thanks for linking up at CountryScapes...I really appreciate your support

judee said...

These photos are spectacular. My husband is a bridge engineer and bridge designer. He will enjoy these photos. Thanks for sharing.

Traveler In Me said...

What a beautiful bridge ..... so ornate! The stroll on it would definitely be delightful...... so much to admire
The kids are smart ...... he saved you from further stress :-D

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

I have to confess I have never seen even images of this bridge and did not know the Adele song. at the same time, I agree the work done on it is amazing and really stands out beautifully

Thank you for showcasing it in such detail.

eileeninmd said...


It is a beautiful bridge, I love all the sculptures. I have seen the Tower Bridge in London, I would love to see this bridge and the Seine River! Wishing you a happy day and week ahead!

Keiths Ramblings said...

There are very few bridges as spectacular as that! The closer you look the more you see. Thank you for reminding me of it.

Life Of 2 Snowbirds said...

You really got some great shots of the small details of the gorgeous bridge. The children on the bridge look so lifelike!

Rajlakshmi said...

I have never seen an ornate bridge like this. The gold looks so bright and highlights the aesthetic beauty of the bridge. I will watch Adele's video again. Didn't notice it till now.

Anne Fraser said...

I have seen that bridge in Paris and now wish I had looked at it properly. It is beautiful. I like the Charles bridge in Prague. It speaks of a troubled history rather than being just beautiful.

Sandee said...

I love bridges too and this one is most ornate. Wow.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

Meditations in Motion said...

What a beautiful bridge! The most beautiful bridge I have ever seen is Pont Alexandre III in Paris. When I was a kid I was scared to travel over bridges and I would try to hold my breath the whole way across to distract myself! :)

Jan said...

So much fascinating detail and breathtaking photos. I love the Golden Gate Bridge, but it doesn't compete.

Michelle said...

The bridge and it’s beautiful sculptures is simply fabulous!

NanaHood said...

I love it! All the detail is enchanting. Thanks for sharing it with me! Teresa from NanaHood

betty-NZ said...

I love bridges, too, but I had no idea that this one existed! What a fabulous collection of wonderful artwork. I'm so glad you shared it with us.

Thank you for linking at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World

pilch92 said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Parul said...

That's a beautiful bridge. I loved the details and your pictures are so sharp. So pretty. Happy #WW.

kateonthinice said...

I hope to see this bridge when I visit with my daughter for her 16th birthday - that's the plan anyway #AnythingGoes

Nancy Andres at Colors 4 Health said...

Beautiful Adele's Bridge. Nice descriptions and photos. Thanks for sharing at August 16th: Saturday Sharefest. First time visitor to your blog and this link party and glad I did.

loopyloulaura said...

Stunning pictures! I don't know the video but love the shots you have included here; such intricate details for a bridge!
Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

Esha M Dutta said...

That bridge is one of the most ornate and detailed than any other bridge I've ever seen! Will certainly check out the video sometime. So glad to see you join us this week.

Sylvia | Grace for a Gypsy said...

That bridge is gorgeous! I love bridges too, and we travel with hubby's work and I take lots of bridge pictures. Great photos! Thanks for linking up at the
#GatheringofFriendsLinkParty 4