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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I don't think I'll ever forget my first glimpse of the stones in the distance as our coach was approaching this mysterious landmark that has stumped the world for 5,000 years. Visiting Stonehenge was on my bucket list.

Watching the spectacular monolithic stones rise against the horizon was beyond description.

The stones in all their glory

Stonehenge is one of the seven wonders of the medieval world. There are theories abound surrounding the inexplicable rock formation. How did these ginormous stones get here out in an empty field in the middle of nowhere, remote from any settlements? Who assembled them?

Was it a religious temple? A sacrificial temple for the gory rituals of the Druids? An astronomical clock? A Bronze Age burial ground? Was it built by aliens?
You could almost feel the energy from them. I've read somewhere that cellphones start to play up when you're near the stones - something to do with the powerful magnetic force from the stones - the kind of force needed for a landing ground for alien spaceships! What do you think? I'll go with the alien theory.

A million visitors from across the globe flock to Stonehenge every year.

Those mounds you see in the distance are round barrows, a form of burial monument associated with the earlier half of the Bronze Age. They contain the cremated remains of the people/beings who built Stonehenge.

The boys and Hubby, however, did not share my fascination for the great ancient circle. And Mr. Krabs here didn't fancy coughing up £20 (that's almost 100 ringgit) to get past the fence to a slightly closer fence for a half-hour audio tour around a pile of stones you can't touch or go near!
It was just as awesome peering through the chain-linked fence.

*The photos above were taken through the fence


  1. I probably would've been tempted to hop over the fence and touch the stonehenges. That's just me being plain ornery.

    Great pictures, Veronica!

  2. These are great shots do you mind if I play with one of them? I will run some of my filters and I can email them to you?

  3. Those are still some amazing shots even though they're through a fence! Getting excited about our own trip to London by reading yours!

  4. So jealous, that is one place that I have always wanted to see..maybe some day :) Awesome lens to get those shots through the fence!

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  6. hi following u from a shot of laughter thank u for stopping by! if u would like to follow me as that would be awesome your pics look amazing! hope ur having a great day too

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  8. I love your photos--beautiful and very breathtaking! I hope to travel to Stonehenge one day myself! Thanks for posting!

  9. When I got to see this marvel, there were no fences and hence, no great photographs...just parts of the stones and lots of strangers. You got great shots!

  10. Oh, I am so determined to get there some day. So fascinating! Thank you for sharing. :)

  11. Stonehenge was on my bucket list, too. After my oncologist told me my treatment had failed, and I had 6-12 months to live, I promised myself I would get out of the hospital and go see the things I have always wanted to see. I also remember what it was like to see Stonehenge for the first time, but since I was driving, I had to contain my awe so I wouldn't drive off the road! :). I spent ages walking around and around and around. What I REALLY wanted though (and I know I can never have) is to be there alone, at night and lay in the middle looking up at the moon and stars. That for me, would be bliss!

    Best wishes,

    Miranda (new follower)

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  12. Great pictures, great post... Isn't amazing how these things happen and we are still trying to figure it out?! I wonder when or if we will ever "really" know the true answers. But I like the theories from so many nonetheless. :) I am with hubby and boys, I wouldn't pay to go close but not touch - what's the point? Your photos are great regardless... so, carry on then! :)

  13. Seriously?! You have to look at it through a fence??! Aw, gees. That stinks.

    I suppose there are idiots who would deface it, but it makes me sad that you can't walk amidst the stones.

    Buzzkill. But I'm glad you got to "see" it anyway.

  14. stonehenge has always been on my bucket list too!!!
    (to the point that I wanted to go to carhenge to get my fix until I ever make it over there..)
    haven't done either though lol

  15. I probably would feel the same way as you. I imagine hubby would like it though. He like Car Hinge. A crazy knock off of Stone Hinge.