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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Reluctant Travelers

Note to self - Never EVER drag two reluctant boys (one teenager who didn't think that traipsing down the streets of London was fun and a tween who had serious withdrawal symptoms away from his computer) along to a family vacation that lasts about a week. I would've gladly left them at home except that nobody wanted to babysit them! I mean, who wants to be stuck with a hormonal fourteen year-old who's determined to make you a recipient of The-Worst-Mother-Of-The-Year award or a precocious twelve year-old who drives you crazy with his incessant questions? And I was beginning to think that an overseas family vacation would be easier now that they are older! Wrong!
Give me those babies/toddlers anytime!!

One - You can't shove a pacifier into a teenager's mouth when he whines about entering yet another cathedral or church or abbey.
Two- You can't strap them into a stroller and shop till you drop.
Three- You can't smack their behinds when they bicker over who gets the window seat on the plane, in the coach, train or tram.

What was I thinking? Coercing one and a half teenagers into holing up in the same room for more than 5 days? It was against all the laws of nature. In their defence, London isn't exactly the perfect place for a family vacation. Checking out cathedrals, museums, historic places and shopping isn't a teenager's idea of fun.

Anyway, I was about to plot my revenge by writing the boys off my will for snafuing the vacation when Josh gave me a big hug and said, "Thanks Mom. London was awesome!"

So, did we have a wonderful time in London? Absolutely! London was surreal and everything I had imagined it to be. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. And yes, with the boys in tow. Nah, they're not that bad. At least it didn't turn out to be a National Lampoon vacation!

Here are a few random pics to share. I will upload the rest in my upcoming posts.

Salisbury Cathedral

The iconic red double decker buses and phone booths

Big Ben

The Tower Bridge

Admiralty Arch

One of the statues at the Queen Victoria Memorial


  1. V, the pictures are beautiful. Your description of the boys made me laugh... A LOT! Oh my! :) I shall never complain about my 3, who although complain on vacations, will go with the flow in the end and enjoy it all -- whether they like it or not! LOL. I can hardly wait for the teen years and family vacations! You will finally have a good laugh at me soon, right?! I can't wait to see more photos. We have not been to London, but hope to one day! (perhaps before they are in their teens!lol)

  2. Great photos! I am so jealous ...
    I don't think you mean it - about that you'd prefer to tag along babies and toddlers. I have a baby and a over-toddler, and I refuse to tag them along whenever I can, even just to the trip to the grocery store.
    Bur your take on your boys is too funny, and I can sense the truth in them, that it was maddening for you once or twice. But I am sure they appreciate the experience to have travelled ...

  3. I can defiantly wait until my girls are teenagers, no thank It was sweet that Josh said thank you though..awww. Lovely pictures, can't wait to see more :)

  4. I would LOVE to go there!
    Show us more pictures ;)
    SO glad you had a great time, but we missed you!

  5. Love the photos, LOL end one dont seem to want his pic taken LOL

  6. I remember those years, teenagers are hard! got some great pictures!

  7. So glad you got to go in spite of your teen issues. They'll look back on this with a lot of fondness, don't you think?

  8. Hahahaha....sorry, but that top pic is hilarious! I agree with blueviolet, they will look back with fondness on trips like this one.

  9. Next time, leave them at home and take ME!! I would LOVE to go to London!!!

    Kids. Sigh.

    Years from now they'll thank you for that trip. Believe me, they had fun.

  10. Nice pictures and story. I thought it would be easier when the kids got older. Sigh!

  11. Ha, ha! I'm laughing at the thought of dragging teenage boys everywhere! That first photo is amazing. Looks like you hit the big sights in London. Glad you all had a good time after all.

  12. Nice pictures. Glad you enjoyed your vacation despite the maddening boys. I remember those days. Ha, ha.

  13. I love how you did B&W with the red boxes and buses. Great job!