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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Mount Titlis

As mentioned earlier in one of my posts, I have anemia and am vulnerable to high altitude sickness.

It would be a shame to go all the way to Switzerland and not go up the Alps... even if it was halfway up. So, The Hubs, Rodney and I hopped off the cable car at the Trübsee middle station and headed straight for the Snow Park while the rest of the tour members proceeded up to the summit of Mount Titlis.

The Valley Station

The scenic cable car ride up

We were told that in summer, it's a whole different vista. Instead of skiers whizzing by below you would see happy cows grazing on verdant pastures. Apparently, you could even hear the sound of the cowbells!  I can imagine how delightful that would be!

Skiers zipping  down the slopes below us

Going up, up, up!


Snow tubing was a blast! Imagine hopping on a tube, then flying down the slippery slope to the bottom, then riding the Magic Carpet (conveyor belt) right up and doing it all over again!

The usually unadventurous hubs having fun!

No skills required!

Riding the Magic Carpet up


Guess whom Rodney met on the mountain?

Nope, he wasn't your classic alpine St. Bernard with his keg of brandy around his neck but he was just as adorable!

Enjoying the snowscape and Swiss mountain air

The rest of the group joining us after descending from the peak

So what did we miss and did the rest get the spectacular payoff they had gone up to see?

Photos from our WhatsApps group when they were at the summit.

The Rotair

At the Stand station, they switched to the Titlis Rotair — a 360 degrees revolving cable car that took them up to the summit. It was a 5-minute ride.

Glacier Cave

A 150-metre-long walkway that descends ten metres below the surface of the glacier at a frosty temperature of -1.5˚C.

I was told that it was miserable in there — cold and slippery!

A stupid boy who was running in the slippery tunnel (seriously, who does that??!!), slipped, fell and crashed onto an elderly man who was a member of our tour group, sending the poor old man tumbling to the ground. Luckily, no one was hurt!!

There is a suspension steel bridge spanning two cliffs up there on the summit but our tour buddies passed up on the cliff walk as the sunny weather suddenly turned very foggy and visibility was low.
Some of them were feeling the effects of the high altitude. The air was so thin, they were experiencing nausea and breathing difficulties.
An image of the Cliff Walk I snagged from the internet

While the view up there was supposedly breathtaking (literally), I was glad I didn't take the risk.

A video of Trubsee Snow Park from their official website.

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  1. I wouldn't have missed going there either. Beautiful. It was 104 degrees here yesterday. I could have used some of that cold.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. I would have had to try that snow tubing! It looked like so much fun! Walking on that walkway though, I wouldn't have been able to do it even under the best weather conditions! Heights like that bother me. The Glacier Cave did look interesting, albeit a bit dangerous! Glad you were able to participate in some of the adventures while at the Alps!


  3. The snow tubing looks like so much fun!

    I have trouble with high places because often I'm frightened. Also I have asthma, which reacts worse in cold or humid situations. I would have tried it anyhow. That's why they make inhalers right?

  4. Great photos. I would like to go there, I love snow.

  5. Oh my..I miss Switzerland terribly after looking at those photos! I am happy you manage to enjoy Truebsee .. And all those WhatsApp group photos..

  6. Tubing looks like fun! I am not a big fan of heights so I'm not sure I would have wanted to go to the top..

  7. Such a lovely post. It looks like you had an amazing time. One for the bucket list me thinks.

  8. Brilliant trip ... you did what you could. But the photos are great. #Anythinggoes

  9. I'm not a big fan of winter, but you got some amazing photos - lovely!!
    Thanks for joining this week's linkup at

  10. Snow tubing looks like a lot of fun! Too bad you couldn't go to the very top, but it looks like you had a good day. I would love to see that ice cave!

  11. Spectacular snowy landscapes - the Alps are amazing!

  12. I kNOW I would have done what you three chose to do. Fun AND beautiful vistas. Pkus a new furry friend!

  13. What a cool trip. Very nice. Would love to go. #globalblogging

  14. Wow! LQQKS wonderful there I am jealous heheh!

    Lovely photos

    Have a skitastic week :-)

  15. Sounds like you had a fun time just going up part way. There are a lot of fun places to go on the mountains in that area according to my mom who lived in that area for ten years. The ice cave one could really skip. We have plenty of ice here in MN, we don't need to travel for it.

  16. It looks so beautiful. Many years ago I stayed near Lake Thun which I think is about 30 miles away. We went in the summer, and yes, everywhere we went you could hear the sound of the cow bells.

  17. That's so beautiful! So glad you got to go!

  18. Sounds like you made the right call getting off when you did. Especially if other people were feeling the affects of the altitude. Looks like you had a blast #bloggerclubuk

  19. Amazing views! Thanks for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays!

  20. How beautiful is that!! I probably would not be able to handle the high altitude either. My husband has been to Equador, and he could barely do anything. Louisiana is below sea level so we are not used to being high up in the world!

  21. It's so hard to imagine that snowy mountain covered in green and cows, I bet it is even more beautiful! #GlobalBlogging

  22. We are sweltering here in India, though not too sure I'd want something as close as that, but definitely comforting to the soul. It seems a good time was had. These are some really special shots.
    Thank you smooch for sharing and wonderful to have you link up with us on #wordlesswednesday.

    Our brand new linky is up and would be wonderful to see another post from you:x

    Have a blessed week!