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Thursday, October 30, 2014

School Break

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year 2014 as Malaysian schools are out for our final term break. Dang!  This means I will have a hard time doing my cookie thing as I won't get to have the house to myself for the first half of the day. And for 2 whole months!  Shudder!

Cookies for Rodney's classmates. 


  1. Rats. That's the one part about breaks that I didn't like. But...then I sorta liked them home too. you have someone to eat all those cookies!

  2. Such cute cookies! Honestly, as much as you might not like "sharing" the house, enjoy it that they are still at home :) I miss those days (but then I couldn't wait until the breaks were over)


  3. Those are so cute. They won't let us give homemade treats here. :( I guess it's because of all the food allergies people have.

    Your treats looks so fun!

  4. Omg now those cookies look incredibly delicious! I almost bit my screen. ;)
    Luchessa @

  5. Love the cookies! I know what you mean about the kids being home. It's hard to get any "me" time when the little ones are home. Maybe you could convince them to help you in the kitchen?!

  6. My kids love it that i read your blog! They love it when I make your recipes!

    x Mieke

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  7. The cookies are cute. Maybe you'll have some cute help in the kitchen w/school being out. ;)

  8. These are adorable!! Please join me for a link party at on Saturdays at 8 PM called "Found & Foraged" - would love to see you there!

  9. those cookies almost look to good to eat enjoy your break and maybe take a moment come see us at