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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Josh's Graduation

It seems like only yesterday when my son Josh graduated from Kindergarten.

I can hardly believe it has been eleven years since. Today, he graduates from High School
I am excited for him yet terrified of what the future will be like next.
As he stood there looking all smart and grown up, I went all emotional and it finally hit me that with school over, the safety fence will no longer be there and this young man will be stepping out into unfamiliar territory. This is certainly a pivotal time in our lives.
 I just couldn't hold back the tears that were streaming down my face. Today marks yet another milestone in his life. I guess there will be many more important milestones we see in the future and then, in a flash, they recede into the rear view mirror. How I wish life came with a pause button.
I made these cookies for his class's graduation party.


  1. Your son is a fine looking man, Veronica! Congrats to him for his high school graduation, an accomplishment for sure, and best wishes to him for a successful future!

    You are right, time goes by so fast. I remember the day of my son's graduation (now 7 years later) and I told him I would do it all again from kindergarten, the good, the bad, etc., but sadly you are right, life does not come with a pause button. So just enjoy!

    cookies look adorable!


  2. Oh my gosh! Graduation?! Already??! Why do we always see them as little ones?

    I've been there--the next adventures are really exciting and you will see him blossom and grow into a young man. While you feel about about him not being little anymore, it isn't so bad letting them go. It's what we raise them for.

    And while you think you will be so sad to see them leave, you will see how happy he is and it is easier to let him go.

    I'm here for you, pally. Any time you are feeling sad, I'm here. We actually live through this! ;)

    And if he comes here to the States, he's got Aunt Lin here to check in on him if he needs anything.

  3. Big congrats to your handsome young man!! Graduating is a big deal, and he did it!! The future is going to be wonderful for him, and for you!! It will just be different. :)

  4. My dear, I cry with you...happy tears. I know just what you went through. It's so hard on us mothers to see our little ones grow to adulthood and leave. I pray he'll be happy in his new adventures and live to the hilt, making his dreams all come true!!

  5. Congratulations! You must be a proud mama

  6. They do grow up fast! Happy Graduation to him!

  7. Huge congratulations to your son for his graduation. Lately, I have been imagining myself how I will feel when my boy reaches than age and the safety net of school is no longer there. I can definitely understand why you were feeling emotional! I love the photo of all the kids throwing their caps up in the air. We don't do that at high school grads in Australia.

  8. Congratulations to you and your son! I am sure he'll do very well to reach his goals.


  9. Congrats to you and your little man!! You're a lovely proud mama :)

  10. The cookies are so cute! And there will be loads more milestones to celebrate. Hope you have a great day!