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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Of Friendly Ghosts, Spirits and Deities

While making these cookies, I recalled  a strange story my college roomie shared with me. The boy in the story was her neighbour.
When Yusof was little, his parents thought he had an imaginary friend he was constantly interacting with. The conversations and pretend games were so real, it was hard to believe that the friend was imaginary. Yusof described his friend as a boy with an elephant face. At first, his parents thought he just had a healthy, active imagination but grew concerned when they noticed the imaginary conversations and games took place only in a particular room in the house. It was an unfurnished and unoccupied room and they had just recently moved into the rented house.  When Yusof began to spend an abnormal amount of time in the room, his parents began to wonder if the 'friend' was more than just a figment of his burgeoning imagination. They decided to consult a bomoh (a Malay shaman) who, in a trance, revealed that the half-boy half-elephant friend was actually Lord Ganesh, the Hindu elephant deity. And the room that was the playground for Yusof and his invisible playmate was used by the previous occupants as their puja room. A puja room or a prayer room is an intrinsic part of every Hindu household. A visit to their landlord who previously resided in the house confirmed this. An idol of Lord Ganesh used to occupy the exact spot in that room where Yusof loved to play! The landlord brought a Hindu priest to the house and several rituals were performed which included mantras and offerings of  laddus (sweets), incense sticks and a garland of scented flowers. From that day forward, Yusof never saw his elephant buddy again! Uncanny but true!


  1. I believe that story. Its too long of a story to share here in the comment section, but the pastor told a story about something that happened in their family that involved a demon. I might blog about it later, but I definitely believe this story you shared here. There is a spirit world we don't see that is around us.

    In the meantime, adorable cookies :)


  2. That's spooky but not unbelievable.

  3. Creepy story!! Ghost/deity stories that involve kids always scare me the most.

    Your cookies, on the other hand, are adorbs!

  4. I agree with Joyce, totally not unbelievable. We've all had or heard of something... :)

  5. My sister had a imaginary friend when she was little. She used to tell us, "I can't clean my room today. Madon's Mother died. She's sad, and I have to be there with her." The stories she came up with were crazy out there.

  6. Wow.. Kinda sad that he lost his friend
    Cute cookies

  7. Love spooky stories and totally believable. Super cute cookies too!!

  8. First love the cookies as always Veronica.

    And the true story of his imaginary friend that twas an actual being it eerie, yet for me....VERY believable.

    My question tho, how is the boy, Yusof, today?

  9. amazing cookies as usual!!

    love the spooky story... I do believe kids have a connection or can see things that adults can't.

  10. These are super cute! I love all the detail! Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Roundup!

  11. What a great story to go with your Halloween cookies!