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Monday, June 24, 2013

W/W - The Haze

Like a recurring nightmare, the dreaded haze is back again to choke our cities and transform our clear blue skies to a miserable, hazy grey. This happens annually during the dry and hot months.
On Sunday, the Malaysian government declared a state of emergency and ordered all schools in and around the capital, Kuala Lumpur, to stay closed on Monday as air pollution levels reached 16-year-highs. The air pollutant index (API) hit 750 - wayyyyyy above the threshold of 300 for hazardous air quality.
The haze as viewed from my balcony

The billowy haze, which is now an acute problem in South-East Asia, is mainly caused by open burning in Indonesia for land clearing, in addition to other factors like hot and dry weather. Farmers in Indonesia regularly burn scrub and forest to clear land during the dry season for agricultural purposes
Our iconic landmark, The Petronas Twin Towers engulfed by the haze

People are experiencing discomfort like sore throat and itchy eyes, and serious respiratory problems such as chest pains and breathing difficulty. Johor records over 100% increase in the number of asthma cases. Even with the windows and doors closed and the air-conditioner running on max all day, the acrid odour of burning wood from the vents permeates every room.
Pharmacies have run out of face masks
image credit - Buletin Mutiara
Students donning masks during assembly before schools in critical areas were declared closed

Dear Lord, please let it rain soon. Blue skies, I miss you!


  1. And they wonder why so many people have allergies.

    My sister lives in Florida, right near a sugar cane field. Certain times of the year they burn off the field and eveything around gets a layer of black soot. My sister has allergy problems when the do this.

  2. I saw this on the news. I'm sorry you have to deal w/it every year. :(

    Everywhere has good and bad, don't they? We've got the cold winters and terrible driving conditions (in the snow). Yuck

  3. My asthma gets really bad when it looks like that! It's been pretty rainy this year. I actually had an asthma attack when we were camping. I had to calm down and just breathe as well as I could until it was over with.

    In the US they haven't linked rain or fog to asthma at all. Barely any studies have been done. I saw that the UK did studies though. Many allergens are released into the air at once when rain or fog is out.

    Sadly I don't know if those masks would do the trick. In the hospital they don't last long. :( I just know that from when Mica had his deadly staph infection at 7 months and Isaak had meningitis at 2 months. We spent a lot of time talking with doctors.

    I did outgrow asthma, but now I'm getting it again as I age.

  4. rain, fog, fire all push pollutants into the air. I hate it.

    I hope those fires stop soon!

  5. Oh my goodness! You are so in need of rain and in Alberta Canada they so need it to stop! C'mon Mother Nature get it right. Hoping you see relief soon.

    PS My site moved a wee bit to WordPress and I hope you can still find me!

  6. This is really bad. What is even worse is people are suffering not because of any of their mistakes. I wish you have rains soon and the haze clears.

  7. Oh man, that is just horrible! I'm so sorry! Hopefully people start figuring out a solution and fast!

  8. Dropping by to see how you are doing :)

  9. Wow, that's horrible! How can that be allowed??? It's so dangerous to breathe!!

    I hope you stay safe and keep your face covered. :(

  10. How the actions of one group affect totally innocent bystanders! There has to be a way to work the fields without resorting to burning. I know that here in Maine, they burn off the Blueberry Fields each fall to produce better crops in the next season. Fire purges things, but also causes so much pollution. I am praying for you and your family to stay healthy and that the rains come soon. In Western CAnada, there is too much rain, causing huge flooding problems. Our poor old Earth needs a new balance to spread the good rain around to everyone, to lessen pollution and to maximize food production. Each of us can do our small part to reduce, reuse, recycle, to conserve water, to use our natural resources wisely and to share our bounty with others in need. Blessings, Veronica, as you face this challenge.

  11. I know I would get terribly sick from all the smoke in the air. Here's hoping for rain for you soon, too.

    Royalegacy's Wordless Wednesday 6/26/13

  12. Wow, that's scary!! I hope you get some rain soon.

  13. I have never seen KL looking this bad - hope it clears for you soon.

  14. My sister always complains about her smog in LA. Where I live, we have some of the cleanest weather in the US. Have a great rest of your day!

  15. OMG.. No so cool, I'm sorry hope it does not last long.

  16. I wish I could send you some of our over abundant rain! You think the government & the farmers could come up with a healthier way to clear scrub than burning. trees could be harvested for useful purposes. feeling sad it is so hazardly for you & your people to breathe. FAythe @GrammyMouseTails

  17. How horrible! I hope it cleans soon. :(

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Full Moon Through Tree

  18. Look at the haze! I hope things will improve real soon Veronica. Take care.

  19. Wow. That is terrible that you have to live with that haze in the air. We all have asthma here. I don't think we would fair too well there! The pollen is bad enough for me. Stay well! :)

  20. wow... that is all i can say... wow...
    also, dumb question.. i know, but they go to school year round there? ( I think we should here... but i think i am one of the few)
    Also do you need masks sent to you????