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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gabriele Galimberti - Delicatessen With Love

Remember Gabriele Galimberti's  Toy Stories, a series of photographs of children around the world with their most prized possessions? Once again, this very talented Italian photographer takes us on yet another exploration - his latest photo series Delicatessen With Love, featuring grandmothers from 58 different countries with their signature dishes. The project was inspired by his own grandma and a dish of her raviolis.

Here are just 10 pics to share. More pics and details including all the 58 recipes @ Galimberti’s website.

Thilaga Vadhi, 55 years old – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with vegetables and fried dried anchovies)
Brigitta Fransson, 70 years old – Stockholm, Sweden – Inkokt Lax – (poached cold salmon and vegetables)

Boonlom Thongpor, 69 years old – Bangkok, Thailand – Kai Yat Sai (stuffed omelette)

Ayten Okgu , 76 years old -€“ Istanbul, Turkey – Karniyarik (stuffed aubergines with meat and vegetables)

Pan Guang Mei, 62 years old – Chongqing, China – Hui Guo Rou (twice-cooked pork with vegetables)

Kathy O’€™Donovan, 64 years old – Whitehorse, Canada - Bison under the midnight sun

Grace Estibero, 82 years old – Mumbai, India – Chicken vindaloo

Melanie Hill , 50 years old – American Fork, Utah -€“ USA – Chocolate Toffee Trifle

Carmina Fernandez, 73 years old – Madrid – Asadura de cordero lecca con arroz (milk-fed lamb offal with rice)

Wadad Achi, 66 years old – Beirut, Lebanon – Mjadara (rice and lentils cream)


  1. Nice!

    Visit unec at the university of Nigeria

  2. Such fancy plates! I make faces on the boy's plates; with their food. Then hubby laughs at me.

  3. All of them are so good looking but I bet my Hubs would choose the Bison under the midnight sun

  4. What a great idea because nobody cooks like grandma!

  5. I loved the photo of Carmina Fernandez, 73 years old. Wow! that is one young-looking Grandmother!!! A cool idea for a photo essay. I would have liked to see the one of the children with their fav toys. Grand #3 walks around all day, toting his small tractor. He seems to do it without thinking--it is an extension of his arm:)
    Have a good weekend, Veronica.

  6. This is such a sweet idea. Now I want to take a picture of my grandma with her chicken matzoh ball soup, or stuffed cabbage.

  7. I love this! Clicking over to check out more - thanks for sharing!

  8. truly awesome, and I really loved that one with the kids too it was great!

    following you from Wordless Wednesday!

  9. that is so cool. i wish i had thought to do that before my grandmothers were no longer cooking...
    my Nana - I would do with her "senator russel dish"
    and my grandmother, I would do with her SPAGHETTI :)
    My Mema... I am not sure... probably her "chewy Bread" that i love