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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

W/W - Avillion Water Chalets

I'm back!!!  Hope I've been missed!

Sharing these photos of our recent vacation with my parents, sister J and her family at the Avillion Village Resort, Port Dickson, a gem of a place.

The Avillion is designed along the concept of a traditional Malay fishing village with a touch of Javanese charm. There are seven finger piers that reach out into the open sea - each of these fingers houses the water chalets that are perched on stilts above shallow waters.
Tumasek Beach - A popular venue for weddings


It was super cool having a wooden room above the water.

Being lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping water at night was surreal. 

Loved reading on the Pangkin daybed - a lovely alcove bed/seat next to a window that overlooks the shimmering sea. Perfect too, for daytime lounging.

The window opens up to the Straits of Malacca

Fishing/Crabbing can be done over the patio - pics here

The huge open air bathroom was a real treat! You can see the stars in the sky while you shower! 

Kelong - a Malay word to describe a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood and primarily for fishing, often doubling up as an offshore dwelling. Kelongs were traditionally built by the indigenous Malay fishermen to trap fish. Nets are laid across the stilts to guide the fish into the  centre of the kelong.

Avillion's kelong-styled chalets

A finger pier - there are seven of them

How does a patio over the sea sound?

A ringside seat for a gorgeous sunset

One of the three swimming pools at the resort - a kiddy pool, an adults only pool and the village pool

Peafowls roam about freely in the village. A resident peacock seemed to follow Josh everywhere he went!

My sister J (left) and me

Deck chairs at scenic lookout points like this are all over the lush gardens in the village

Perfect place to curl up with a book, meditate or just do nothing!

But these boys were lost outside their virtual world!

Youth is wasted on the young

Josh, unlike Cousin B and Rodney, loves the outdoors

Cousin B checking out a Malay gong.


  1. Oh my gosh!! What a beautiful place to stay. It must have been Heaven living in that Chalet above the water. On the show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they stayed in a place right on the water like that... How cool for you.

  2. Everything about your vacation sounds wonderful. I'd love to stay in a wooden room above the water, and seeing stars from the shower sounds amazing. I can see why it is a popular wedding destination, it's beautiful.

    Glad you had a nice vacay! Refreshing, isn't it?? :)

    The pics are great!

  3. what a great place to stay! love the cottages! this really reminds me of home and missing it even more! hope you had a blast! and yeah you have been missed!

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  4. What a unique resort! I especially like the photo of the setting sun visible beneath the chalets, and your gorgeous sunset shot. Thanks for stopping by to see my Lady's-slippers!

  5. What a wonderful place. That pool looks huge! I love your accommodations - sitting on the deck and watching the sunset. Beautiful sunset picture by the way! My boys would miss their electronics - but would love that pool! :)

  6. Wow! Beautiful shots Veronica. What a wonderful place to spend a vacation. Happy WW!

  7. Those shots are lovely what a beautiful place I love those water chalets too :-)

    Have a chalettastic rest of week :-)

  8. Thanks for the photo moments, love the Peacocks!! I have provided my readers an insight to Doll Houses, hope you will join us and take a peak!! Wordless Wednesday The Unbelievable
    Enjoy your day and thanks for hosting!!

  9. Wow, wow, wow......

    Thanks for a peek into your vacation!!!

    Happy WW!

  10. Wow this looks like a truly amazing place. I would love to visit here


  11. That water looks so blue. I love the picture of you too (ooohh...did that rhyme?).

    Enjoy your week

  12. The boys sitting look real thrilled to have photo taken lol.
    Great Pictures

  13. wow! lucky you!!! looks and sounds fabulous!!!

  14. Fantastic photos that really give us an idea of what a luxurious holiday you had!

    I would love to curl up with a good book in that day bed. I don't think they'd ever get me out of it to do anything else!

  15. Such a cool place to be! We just got back from vacation to.