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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Plastic Canvas Craft Ideas

I've always thought that plastic canvas was for kids until I stumbled upon this awesome website - and was amazed to learn that there is so much you can do with it!
From flyswatters to checkbook covers to cellphone cases, there is a wealth of free craft ideas and downloads that will inspire you to hand make your Christmas gifts. Hurry! You have only 26 days left!

Napkin Ring Blossoms
Easter Parade Music Box
Lace Flower Crosses
These will make great bookmarks for the kids in Sunday school class

Angel Shelf Sitter
Overalls Gift Bag

Happy Frog Tote

Pets' Food Clips
Tote Bags For Dolls

Stitch this simple and quick guardian angel bear to watch over your loved ones. Stitched on 7 count plastic canvas.

Teddy Bear Christmas Ornaments


  1. I have never tried it but have wanted to try to get into it. I really like the napkin rings.

  2. I tried it a few times, but I just couldn't get away from my cross-stitch. I love that!

  3. No patience to do it myself but I do like it.

  4. Hello my darling,
    Thank you for carring ,but I do have some health problems -from time to time I feel a knot into my throat and some said it's about stress!I will make some investigations and I will see what's all about!
    In the mean time I missed you so much and I am glad to look at these beautiful creations you've been posted-the winter is next door and soon will be coming holydays! I hope you are all right and I kiss you all,xoxo

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  6. These are really beautiful craft items! Love them! Thanks for sharing and have a great Wednesday Veronica.

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  8. I love the overall gift bag. So cute!

  9. That overalls gift bag is so darn cute.

  10. I like the Christmas ornaments. Too bad I have so many other crafts on the time for anything else. I still have the wool and patterns for two more sweaters waiting their turn in the production line!

  11. I love the overalls, how cute are those! The frog is great too!

  12. Very cute! Following you back from MBC!

  13. I especially love the napkin rings and the pet food clips. What beautiful work you do!