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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dog Sells Chickens In Market

A cute video to share!  I'm guessing it was at a market in Taiwan.
It's a dog's life for some.


  1. Hahaha, oh my goodness, that is too cute!!!!

  2. I have a great feeling about this!The dog is something else as he's almost "human" ! Love this movie a lot!
    Sorry for not coming to "visit"-I have no extratime for anything _all the time,cleaning,preparing food ,checking on Dana with her homework and all sorts of things everybody is tired of.I tried to reorganise things over here and get so tired I didn't even light up the PC.Anyway and anyhow,I keep our friendship next to the heart and ,don't worry ,I will always come to say Hello -even sometimes I will be late!
    All the hugs in the world,for all of you!

  3. He wasn't shirking at all! Great job, doggie. And such a smart one:)

  4. What a smart helper doggie! So cute :)

  5. Is that so they don't eat him??? ;)

  6. Can you imagine if you happened by that market? You'd do a double take and then some, lol!!

  7. I've never seen a merchant dog before.

  8. Too Cute!!

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  9. Talk about dog and pony shows!!! Those three are all so well trained. Love the pink bow on the chicken. The one with the lovely tail feathers is a rooster. I wonder how long they stayed like that?????

  10. Haha! I saw your comment on my blog, thank you so very much! Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I just love all your craft inspired posts. This particular post is hilarious. My dog would run off with the chicken. lol.