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Saturday, November 17, 2012

72 year-old Grandpa Who Models Women's Clothes Becomes Internet Sensation

Photos of a  72 year-old grandfather from China went viral when he modelled for his granddaughter's online clothing store. The septuagenarian volunteered to model for his granddaughter who was having trouble finding a model. Standing at 5' 5"  and weighing 110 pounds, he has the perfect figure and surprised her at how well he pulled it off! Well, you gotta hand it to him - he certainly has great legs!
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  1. Now there's a grandfather who loves his granddaughter, lol! The clothes are cute too!

  2. OH. MY. GOSH! I LOVE that!! What a creative idea!! and what a great grandpa to do that for his granddaughter!

  3. Wow!! I hope his granddaughter appreciates what he did to help her. I'm thinking all the publicity her online store has garnered is beyond what they imagined.

  4. What a wonderful man to do something so sweet for his granddaughter. What a darling.

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  6. That's funny. At first I thought they were just any other lady model. I was thinking, "What's so special about this? Did they make their own clothing or something?" Then I read your blog title, and was interested. He's a good model.