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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stephen Wiltshire - The Human Camera

Known as The Human Camera, Stephen Wiltshire has an uncanny ability to draw/paint detailed cityscapes from memory after having only observed them briefly. As a child he was mute, and did not relate to other human beings. He was diagnosed as autistic at the age of three.
After a 45 minute helicopter ride over Rome, he drew a 15 foot wide panoramic picture of the city without having a second glance at it.

The Kremlin Palace, Moscow 1990

Chicago Skyline 2005

Las Vegas at night 2005

Electric City, Tokyo, 2006

St Pancras Station 2006
One of Stephen`s most iconic drawings. Although he first memorized the building in 1988 he could still recall every detail almost 20 years later and drew it exactly as how he captured it in the late 80`s. The results of the comparison with his early work are fascinating.

New York Subway Train - 2007

Venice, Italy 2008

Sydney Opera House, 2008

Toronto Skyline 2008

Aerial view of Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey 2008


  1. All I can say is that is sooooo amazing.... He is truly talented.......

  2. It seems like I've heard of him before but only seen one drawing. These are incredible.

  3. They all are amazing drawings!

  4. Loved the drawings and the information shared.

  5. Really? The detail is crazy! I can't even remember where I put my keys.