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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What The World Eats

Ever wondered what's on the dinner tables of families around the globe?
Enjoy these photographs by Peter Menzel from the book "Hungry Planet"

Bhutan: The Namgay family of Shingkhey Village

Food expenditure for one week: 224.93 ngultrum or $5.03
Family recipe: Mushroom, cheese and pork

Great Britain: The Bainton family of Cllingbourne Ducis

Food expenditure for one week: 155.54 British Pounds or $253.15
Favorite foods: avocado, mayonnaise sandwich, prawn cocktail, chocolate fudge cake with cream

Mongolia: The Batsuuri family of Ulaanbaatar

Food expenditure for one week: 41,985.85 togrogs or $40.02
Family recipe: Mutton dumplings

Egypt: The Ahmed family of Cairo

Food expenditure for one week: 387.85 Egyptian Pounds or $68.53
Family recipe: Okra and mutton

Poland: The Sobczynscy family of Konstancin-Jeziorna

Food expenditure for one week: 582.48 Zlotys or $151.27
Family recipe: Pig's knuckles with carrots, celery and parsnips

China: The Dong family of Beijing

Food expenditure for one week: 1,233.76 Yuan or $155.06
Favorite foods: fried shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce

Kuwait: The Al Haggan family of Kuwait City

Food expenditure for one week: 63.63 dinar or $221.45 Family recipe: Chicken biryani with basmati rice

Chad: The Aboubakar family of Breidjing Camp

Food expenditure for one week: 685 CFA Francs or $1.23
Favorite foods: soup with fresh sheep meat

Japan: The Ukita family of Kodaira City

Food expenditure for one week: 37,699 Yen or $317.25
Favorite foods: sashimi, fruit, cake, potato chips

Germany: The Melander family of Bargteheide

Food expenditure for one week: 375.39 Euros or $500.07
Favorite foods: fried potatoes with onions, bacon and herring, fried noodles with eggs and cheese, pizza, vanilla pudding

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    What an neat post... it is intriguing to see all the different cultures, what they serve their families and how much they spend in comparison to the US.

  2. Interesting! I do wonder sometimes what other people might be eating or cooking for their families sometimes.


  3. Really interesting to see how some have a lot of packaged goods, while others don't. The poor people of Chad have nearly nothing. :(

  4. This is so interesting! I saw a couple of these a while back, but some are new to me.

  5. The picture puts things in such a good perspective. You see the rural part of the world eat more vegies, maybe that's why they're healthier.

  6. Love, love, love, love, love this post! Amazing how diverse - in both the foods we eat, and the cost. Sobering as well when you realize just how lucky some of us are!

  7. Great post. I love seeing how other people/cultures eat. That why I love the travel channel and Andrew

  8. That is so interesting!!
    You always have such neat stuff :)

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for being such a great "blog friend"!

    P.S. I'm adding your button to my page! <3

  9. I love that book, but it's SO eye opening! It really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

  10. I have seen this or similar before. It really makes you appreciate how good we have it and how other families must go hungry.
    It doesn't seem fair does it sometimes, and we complain we are hungry !
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. My children were very interested in the different types of foods other families eat... they even offered to try a few after seeing this post.