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Friday, June 11, 2010

Piggies In Boots

Meet Cinderella, a six-week old piggy who developed a phobia for mud! Afraid to get her trotters dirty, the porker refused to join her siblings while they cavorted in the mire. Owners Debbie and Andrew Keeble were initially baffled by their piglet's behaviour. Remembering the four miniature wellies used as pen and pencil holders in their office, the Keebles slipped them on the piglet's feet - and into the mud she happily ploughed.
found @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Then there is Clive, the teacup piglet who might have been happier without the wellies. He was dressed up by his breeders at Pennywell Farm, Devon.

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  1. No, that just can't be right--can it?

  2. Never heard of a pig afraid of the mud!

  3. Hi, Veronica! I'm back from Disney--it was a very exciting week. :) Missed you and your blog tons.

    Love the pig! I wonder how those boots stay on? And where will they find larger boots as he gets bigger? Sheesh, pigs are worse than kids! ;)

  4. Ah.... very cute in a odd way.

  5. He is adorable in his boots but somehow, he's going to be an odd one out unless he finally gets down and dirty.

  6. The teacup piglet Clive is adorable... What pig Cinderella does not love mud?, must not really be a pig. LOL
    Hi Veronica visiting from LBS.

    Your boys are cute. And I like your title.

  7. Too Cute! What pig doesn't like mud? That's weird. I want them both. They are too cute in their little rainboots.


  8. That is so strange! I used to work at a sanctuary for farm animals. I have never heard of such a thing! lol so cute!!

  9. Hehehe so cute! Have a great vacation!

  10. Ohhh my gosh, SO darn cute!! Where do you find these things? LOL

  11. oh how adorable!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!! i'm now following yours! look forward to reading more!!