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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Witchy Fingers

via Pinterest
When I first saw these witch fingers on Pinterest, I knew I just had to make them though we don't have an occasion for them as Malaysians generally don't celebrate Halloween. However, what we do have is the mooncake/lantern festival which is just a few days away and the folks in my neck of the woods are organising a lantern parade and mooncake party. Participants are requested to bring mooncakes and finger foods

I am thinking surprising the kids with these literal finger foods would be fun so I made a batch of these.
My first two attempts failed miserably - the cookies expanded and flattened out in the oven and looked like swollen thumbs. I used a basic sugar cookie dough.
Frustrated with my failure, I tried again with some left-over store-bought shortcrust pasty dough and surprisingly they retained their shape though they didn't look like what I wanted them to be. Besides, they tasted like pie crust!

Any idea what went wrong?

My helpers


  1. They look scary enough for me!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!
    I don't think I could eat those! :0
    (sorry, don't know what went wrong... but I would've been happy with them.)

  2. if they taste good, nothing went wrong! They look scary and delicious at the same time, kudos for trying it!

  3. Oh, YUCK!! I guess that is what you were going for, right?

  4. Super creepy! I'll definitely have to try my "hand" at making some this Halloween! :D

  5. OMG! i really thought it's your fingers. gosh!captivated by the pictures. i really hold my breathe while scrlling down

    just me,

  6. I don't like the scary fingers but the helpers are so cute!
    Haloween isn't one of our national habitts but our children likes to wear masks and English teacher is the one to talk about it! Maybe,it's sad ,I know,I forgot to have fun ,to be more cheerful and I don't like it either!
    All I know is that we still have wonderful weather -still not a serious rain-and I must watch for Dana to help her learn and do it in a proper way her homeworks.She's at school in the afternoon and this is a little bit difficult to deal with !
    "see" you soon!
    Have a wonderful autumn and I wish you the best schoolyear for the boys!

  7. I've been celebrating and enjoying the atmosphere of Halloween for decades, and love it each and every year. Now, these 'finger foods' are literally the best I've seen!!! How fun.

    These look so creepy and scary
    Actually perfect for Halloween :)
    I think you did a very good job

  9. Hahahahaha... very cool!! I might have to make these for our Halloween Street Party.

  10. I wonder if you add just a little more flour to bulk up the sugar cookie dough. Adding a little flavor to that would help to. Like lemon extract, vanilla extract (one of those).

    I think they look pretty good though.

    I hate when I see something on there and it doesn't work like I want it. I saw that you can draw or write on ceramic and bake it; then it's permanent. Mica drew and I baked. Then I washed it and it all went away. Oh well.

  11. ohhh creeps!!! i cant even bear to look at it..looks like a dead man's fingers.. happy halloween to ya all in Malaysia.. booo! ;-)

  12. I'm not sure how to get them to hold their form better, but they look scary indeed!

  13. OMG! When I started to scroll down, I thought, whose fingers are those! I will have to try to make those this year for our Halloween party. I found you on One moment In Time blog hop and am now a follower. You are definitely going to challenge me with your recipes.


  14. that is so wrong... lol, i don't know what went wrong, but i know broxton would freak :)

  15. Oh my! I can't believe how real those look. Your kids looked like they ejoyed helping!