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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Needle Painting by Trish Burr

These astounding needlework pieces are by self-taught embroiderer Trish Burr from Cape Town. She has written several books on the technique, contributed widely to magazines and teaches throughout South Africa and overseas. Trish lives in Cape town, South Africa with her husband and three children.
Trish willingly shares her knowledge with fellow embroiderers, and in her own words she says,

We need to keep hand embroidery alive - if we hug our ideas to ourselves, they will become lost and worthless in the future. If I give you a gift, I no longer have it, you do. However, if I give you an idea then we both have it, and if you share this idea with others then we have expanded on it and can watch it grow.”
Little Bee Eaters
Australian Sacred Kingfisher
Green Bee Eater
Lilac Breasted Roller
Chinese Flower And Bird


  1. Just unbelievably beautiful! So much detail! How does one purchase these?!

  2. Hey, I just posted my first guest post...hope you'll come over and check it out!

  3. Spectacular! Those are so amazing, what talent and time it must take to make those. Happy Weds sweetie!

  4. Love the colors and detail! So beautiful.

  5. Good morning Veronica,
    Last posting made Dana and me cry a lot as we watched the story of the dog who was waittig for his master for 10 years! ...It was devastating!!!!
    It takes a real madness and passion to make things like those-birds are extremly beautiful and I am glad this art is still alive!!!!
    You see,in fact this isn't just a needle painting ,this is a precious EYE painting as by the time ,the eyes are in a great difficulty knowing and understanding how big effort was taken to realize those works of art! Love those beautiful birds and thanks to the one that made them! She is more than a talent....
    and thanks for showing them to us. hugs

  6. Thanks so much for your sweet comment at my guest post!!

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  8. wow! These are all hand embroidered? The feathers look like they are soft and 3 dimensional.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  9. Hand done any art needs to stay alive. So pretty!

  10. These are works of art to say the least!!! I wish someone near me could teach me this!!!!!

  11. c est si beau si realiste j ai plusieurs de vos livres merci