Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Come Dine With Kate

Nope, Kate Jenkins is not your average granny blanket or cardigan knitter.At an exhibition, this British textile artist knitted up a feast, featuring mouthwatering wool-worked salads, pies, cocktails.....etc on her menu. For three weeks the Charlotte Street Gallery was transformed into Kate’s Café, a fantasy café brimming with realistically knitted food artworks.
Canned Sardines
Prawn Cocktail Starter
Fruit Platter With Wasps
Bento Box
Fish & Chips
Seafood Salad
Prawn Cocktail
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Kate's website -


Anonymous said...

oh goodness! some of it is weird... but i do like the first one a lot!!!

Countrified Hicks said...

Hi! I found you from the Bloggy Moms August blog hop. I am your newest follower. I hope you will come and follow me back!!/MelodyGravitt

aureliaeugenia said...

HI Veronica, I am a little late but I like those photos very much -though I agree too it's a little strange for someone to make things like those.Well,finally ,art is art! hugs,

Laural Out Loud said...

So fun! And lest I get slammed for wanting kids to play with something that took so much time to create, THIS is the type of stuff our kids need to be playing with. Not poisoned plastic. Beautiful things that not only give them pleasure, but teach them the art of a craft. Kind of a weird soapbox to be on I guess, lol.

cute and peculiar said...

this stuff is too awesome and weird all at the same time. :) Stopping by from MBC.