Monday, April 2, 2012

Claude Jeantet

Don't your just love these cute cardboard critters by Parisian architect Claude Jeantet? She recycles cardboards and turns them into whimsical home accessories like penguin cabinets and owl bookends!

Owl Bookends

Cat Cabinet

Penguin Cabinet

Pig Apron Holder

Animal Clock

Lion Crib




View her entire collection at at Lisa Fonta­narosa.


Steph said...

Oh my these are wonderful! My favorite are the owl book ends! :)

aureliaeugenia said...

Hello Veronica,
You're right ,all these creations are loveble!My favourite is the animal clock -awesome !
We have a spendid day today and the magnolia shows already few flowers....I offer you a "warm green grass thought" and an white magnolia flower !
Take care and a hug from Dana and aureliaeugenia

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very cute animals. My favorite is the lion crib.

Anonymous said...

Love these!
Thank you for sharing them :-)
Visiting from Tiggerific Tuesday! Blog Hop...or Bounce!

whitey said...

Love the pig and her piglets .

L. said...

I want, no strike that, NEED that cat cabinet! I can't wait to check out her work!

Amber Mae said...

Wow! Who knew that something as mundane as cardboard could look so chic and whimsical! I love it, it makes me want to start saving cardboard, lol :)

Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy and Bashful} said...

Those are some of the most creative and adorable creations ever! I love the owl bookends!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE yours :)

Kristin Aquariann said...

Eeeee, those are cute critters, especially the hedgehog! ^.^

jennie said...

The cabinet cat is my favorite!!!!!!!!

Sarah @ made in usa challenge said...

I love upcycled goods and these are adorable!! Do you know the artist personally? Would love to connect with her.

alissa apel said...

They are so cute!