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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ali Bee's

Another cookie post, I know! Bear with me,pallies! I can't help it! Pictures like these just make me smile. I'm constantly blown away by the amazing stuff people can do with cookies!!

Just look at these Project Runway inspired cookies! They were donated to the Oh La La Fashion Fundraiser by Ali Bee.

And after you have picked up your jaw from the keyboard, hop over to her blog. Check out her "Tangled" and Kentucky Derby Day cookies!! You won't be disappointed, I promise!!


  1. Hello my friend.
    It's a pleasure to visit you right now and see so many inspiring cookies(well,I love the dresses' models).It was rainning all day long but I began to love the rain as I hate the very high summer temperatures.There still are trees full of flowers and the grass is green and...forgive,when do you celebrate your birthday? Dana ,Marinel cat and me send you a lot of love ! hugs,

  2. Oh my goodness glory, would ya look at those beautiful cookies!!!

    I'm simply in awe here sister...beautiful fashion cookies. Who would of ever thunk it???

    Thanks for the share sweetie!

    God bless and have yourself a sunshiny kinda day! :o)

  3. Oh my goodness; those are just fantastic!

  4. Cookies ... I've been making chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. Totally addictive.

    ok, now for the big question: every once in a while, my computer makes these simple little bell sounds. I can not figure it out. Tonight it came to me, perhaps you have bell sounds as a background on your blog. Is this what I am hearing? I have been going nuts trying to figure it out. It's not all the time, but it's happening right now, here, while I am on your blog. Veronica, don't think I'm completely crazy. I am serious. Nobody has any idea why my computer is ringing bells at me from time to time.

    Well, that's the weirdness from my neck of the woods. Have a great day.

  5. Those are terrific. I love cookies of any kind. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. These cookies are just amazing! I can see that she is very creative and talented. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I checked your blog out about a week ago, but saw the window pop up about 18+ of age wanted and I thought I had come to the wrong site and ran the other way! Maybe you can change that add in case it sends other people the wrong message like it did me. Wishing you all the best with your blog! My parenting blog

  7. I love these and pinned them!

    I create some art with cookies:

    It's so fun to do. I should create more!

  8. Hello,Veronica,
    It's Sunday and I post something for you-I'm so sorry for not being able to give you for real!
    Only hope you'll love it!