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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday Citar - Sincerely Wrong: An Improbable Journey

I've made many friends through blogging and one of these terrific bloggy buddies is Sandra Kovacs Stein aka Great Granny Grandma whose blog greatly inspires me with her messages of God's love for us and the awesome ways He has worked in her life. If you haven't already met her, Sandra is the mother of two children, a grandmother of seven and a great-granny to two little ones. Sandra never ceases to amaze me! Her book entitled "Sincerely Wrong: An Improbable Journey" has just been published! I am so proud of her! Her book is beautiful! And you can tell from the very first page that she loves the Lord and wants to share the tremendous and awesome love that He has for each and every one of us.
After the tragic loss of her husband, Sandra went on a quest for a sense of purpose in her life, taking the wrong path in what she sincerely believed to be the truth in New Age and occult doctrines. At 39, she became a published numerologist and was unconsciously misleading others into buying a lie that her vulnerability had deceived her into believing it.

Sandra's book is a powerful testimony of how she was rescued from the darkness that was engulfing her. Writing this book wasn't easy as Sandra is a private person. In her afterword, she says "if my story can help even one reader come out of the darkness and into the light, then baring my soul will have been worthwhile".

Following are excerpts from her book.

"My exploration of New Age and the occult did not begin until after my husband's death. It started very furtively, after I read an article on transcendental medication. At the time, I had been feeling stressed and rundown, and was looking for something natural that might help me feel better The testimonials of how this method of relaxation not only reduced tension., but improved physical and mental well-being as well, persuaded me to try it.."

"As for the tragedy of a wasted life, has it truly been so? If I had pursued my talents and education to the fullest, would I ever have felt a need for the Lord or for His saving grace? Would I have spent my life chasing after the things the world has to offer, instead of the things that have eternal value? Would I have missed God's gift of salvation, a greater tragedy by far? Life has become fulfilling and exciting. I can't wait to see what the Lord does next!"

Click here to purchase her book or double click on the book icon at the right sidebar of her blog for the free pdf version or here for the kindle link to her book.

Note that this is not a review. I am sharing this 'cos Sandra's genuine, compelling testimony has deeply touched me and I too, want to help spread the word of God.

Let's show a fellow blogger some bloggy love and give her a shout out at Sandra's blog At The Foot Of The Cross. You can also communicate with her at

Thank you, Sandra for being an instrument of God in leading us back to the right path.

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." -- John 14:6

Sunday Citar is hosted weekly by Tabitha .
*Citar means "to quote" in Spanish

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  1. Oh wow, this just SOUNDS like an amazing book!! Congrats to your friend!

  2. Thank you for sharing Sandy's testimony and book. I am going over there now to her blog. It is always such a blessing to hear and read of the testimonies of the life changes of those that have come to the personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Yes it is a great way to detox your body..But I am having a problem, Ill tell you in an e-mail

  4. Sounds like a great book! I love great testimonies :). God is good!


  5. Love, love, love this post. Thanks for sharing the link to your friend's blog! Satan does prey on the weak and hurt, and it's inspiring to hear your friend's testimony of faith! Can't wait to read more of her posts!

  6. Wonderful post and much needed for so many. Enjoy your Sunday, Veronica.

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  8. Hi Mrs Veronica , Hope you are having a Blessed Sunday

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  13. I haven't read any books of Sandra Kovacs Stein. Your post just introduced me to her. -It sounds wonderful! I'll stop by her site. I also like the post about Bart. Thank you for your visit.
    -Your fellow SITS'er.

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  17. Thanks for writing this awesome post about my book. I was especially touched when I read that you want to help spread the Word of God too. You are, and I know you will be greatly blessed. (((HUGS)))

  18. This is so cool! Now, I really want to get my hands on with this amazing book! Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower!


  19. Oh wow! How fantastic for her. I can't wait to go and check out her book. Can you get it on iBooks?

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner