Friday, August 12, 2011

The Adventures Of Sweet Sugar Belle

Just when I thought Eleni's Playfully Unique Cookies were the best in the world, I found these darlings by Sweet Sugar Belle!

I'm totally smitten by her Four Decades Worth of Cookies Project that totally captures the quintessence of each era.
The 50s

The 60s

The 70s

The 80s

All together

Remember the peace sign? I had stickers of that plastered all over my stuff - guitar, books, school bag, badminton racquet, etc. I thought it was the coolest symbol ever!!

Check these out too. Can they get any cuter?


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! These are AMAZING! Who would even want to eat these, they're like mini works of art?!

... On second thought, I probably would eat them... LOL!

Cassy said...

I truly love your colorful collection. Can I have one?

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

-yogi143- said...

hello? how are you today?

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Terri said...

Oh wow! Those are the cutest cookies ever. I had the peace sign stickers on everything too, we must be around the same age. Those were the days.

MariaS said...

Oh my! Those cookies are beautiful!
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Have a great weekend!
MariaS Handmade-Love

Steph B. said...

Those cookies are unreal! Almost like you shouldn't eat them! Haha

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Connie said...

I LOVE your blog!! I'm glad I found you!
I'm a new stalker!
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Ciao Mama's said...

Yummy.....those look awesome. New follower thanks for visiting my blog.

LisaWeidknecht said...

Those are amazing! Thanks for joining in my Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

jellybelly said...

Wow, these are amazing! I thought they were refrigerator magnets :)

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The Twerp and I

Minta's Creations said...

These are just gorgeous...
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Mikki said...

These are adorable! Thanks for visiting Mom's Best Nest. Following back...

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are the MOST amazing cookies I have ever seen!! Wow!

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Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

Brilliant! These look fabulous! We have a shop here in Houston that has lovely designs on cookies as well, but I'm not sure they've ventured this far. Ok, now I'm off to Paulie's, Houston for lovely decorated sugar cookies!