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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ed Bing Lee - Macramé Food

Layered Cake

Philadelphia based artist Ed Bing Lee uses basic macramé knots to create these delish food-inspired objects. Lee has perfected the art for over 25 years. He names his project 'The Delectable Series'.

Cherry Cake

Hot Dog

Strawberry Cake

Key Lime Pie

Ice Cream Cone

Pumpkin Pie



Pop Corny


  1. that cupcake looks good enough to eat. I've been on the site all afternoon looking at over 300,000 wedding dresses!!! I see you are advertising for them. We need someone to make wedding decisions here...the bride is a basket case.

  2. wow, that is sooo cool! I'm following you from Bassgiraffe's bloghop! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    you can find me @

  3. you know how i feel about food... those are awesome!!! stop teasing me with food posts! i know they are not real, but they sure LOOK real! :) happy thursday, v!

  4. It's amazing how one can make these delicious things. This would be a great idea for giveaways or gifts. They really look real.

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  5. Just registered and linked up with the VoiceBoks - but I can't figure out what to post to my blog aside from their button? Hope I did everything correctly - and how I got posted to the #1 spot is beyond me???

    Love the wonderfully made and novel dessert treats - now that takes a real skilled knitter or crochter, wow!

  6. I especially like the key lime pie!

  7. Ha! Those are so cool! Now I'm craving for pie!

  8. The Ice Cream Cone is my fav - so much talent !