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Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is a forwarded e-mail from the lovely Great Granny Grandma.

Thanks, GGG!!

Mr. Stan Munro of Syracuse, NY works with Toothpicks.

Below are his amazing designs.

A miniature city made out of millions of toothpicks

It took 38 year old Stan Munro 6 years to build this toothpick city. He used 6 million toothpicks and 170 litres of glue. He can spend up to 6 months to create a building and each of his creations is built to 1:164 scale. He works at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, New York (USA).

Look at the amazing works of one of the most patient men in the world.

And you've just been picking your teeth with them.


  1. What a talented man! I had a smile when I saw the Sydney Opera house, we just drove past that today on the Harbour Bridge

  2. I had to go look up this guy on the internet, this is really amazing!

  3. I can't even believe those!!! The detail! I never would have imagined so much good could come from a toothpick!

  4. That's amazing...but can you imagine his resume? "Been playing with toothpicks for years"

  5. That is phenomenal. I don't have the patience to build anything with toothpicks. I can just imagine it all falling down and I'd be sitting on the floor in tears.

  6. Wow!! My first thought when I read that it took him 6 yrs to create that 1st one, I was like, "Does he NOT have a full-time job?" Clearly he does.

    He's got some serious talent and patience. I could totally see my kids taking like 5 minutes to destroy it!

  7. So cool! I wish I could have that much patience...

  8. WOW! Now that's some patience to make those!