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Friday, December 11, 2009


Every year in September, a festival called Fruitcorso is held to celebrate the harvest of fruits produced in the Betuwe area, Netherlands .
Fruit Corso, which means 'parade of fruits' in Dutch is celebrated on the second Saturday of September in the city of Tiel, a province of Gelderland.
The festival includes a parade of vehicles decorated with fruits and vegetables.


  1. I can imagine all the man hours it takes just to get all that together! Wow!! It is beautiful though.

  2. That's so very similar to our Rose Parade here in California. Such intricate art and if you stand from a distance, it's hard to really see what it's made of.

  3. I love a parade and this one is gorgeous! I'm going to ask my son in law about this.
    These floats are magical!

  4. I'd imagine they couldn't put these together very early in the week before the parade. And it would be sort of icky to dismantle. Very cool, Veronica.

  5. They're so elaborate and colorful! The detail is amazing. Can you imagine having to construct one of those?

  6. those floats are fantastic works of art! I have an award for you today on my blog