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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chinese Paper Cutting Folk Art

When we were kids, my sisters and I used to watch our older cousins and aunts nimbly churn out beautiful cuttings from pieces of red paper with just a pair of scissors.
It was fascinating when, after a few symmetrical folds and several snips of the scissors, a complete design would unfurl. No two pieces were alike.
Sadly, I lack the patience and concentration required for this delicate folk art which dates back to the Han dynasty.


  1. I cannot believe how beautiful they are - and out of ONE piece of paper! I'm like you though, I wouldn't have the patience to attempt to do anything but cut out one lonely heart! LOL!

  2. I would never have the patients to make this type of art! Thanks for checking out my blog. It'll be fun to compare our lives with little boys!

  3. Hi Veronica Lee,

    thanks for visiitng my blog. :)

    the cut outs look equisite! I wouldn't have the patience either sadly!

    Claire McFee
    Organize Your Life Organizers

  4. Oh my gosh, I would not have the patience either! I used to make snowflakes, but that's about

    But, wow..those are beautiful!

  5. Hi Veronica,

    I have fixed up the 'followers button' on my blog..thanks for letting me's on the RHS a bit down from the top.

    All the best,

  6. I remember having tons of these when I was a little girl!

    They are neat, aren't they? I'm not sure where one can get these nowadays (outside of China, that is)..?

  7. Those are amazing! Hard to believe someone can do that.

  8. That is such a beautiful form of artistic expression.

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