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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tag. I'm it!

This is a two parter.

Keeping it Real
Here are the rules:
  • Take a picture of yourself right now
  • No primping or preening, just snap the picture
  • Load the picture on to your blog
  • Tag some people to play
Be warned! Don't blame me if I appear in your nightmares.

This is a picture of my reflection in the mirror.

Here's the second part which is less scary!!
8 is Enough!

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1. My boys growing up
2. "Me" time - when the boys are in school
3. My 'online' time
4. Travel the world when hubby retires
5. Bedtime - I'm soooo sleep deprived
6. Weekends
7. School holidays - that's when we go for short vacations
8. Our self-drive holiday in New Zealand as soon as we save enough money

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Visited my brother-in-law in the hospital
2. Watched "Prison Break"
3. Vaccumed the study
4. Published the post on "Toothpick Structures"
5. Helped my boys with their homework
6. Left comments on about 15 blogs
7. Watched a DVD movie - "Inkheart" with the kids
8. Plucked a few strands of grey hair from my head

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Drive a car
2. Sing like Susan Boyle
3. Write like some of you
4. Cook better
5. Speak French
6. Turn back the clock
7. Go round the world - so far I've only been to 12 countries
8. Didn't have to do housekeeping chores

8 Shows I Watch
1. Prison Break - I'm a really, really big fan of the series
2. Desperate Housewives
3. SpongeBob Squarepants
5. Bones
6. Criminal Minds
7. Carpoolers
8. Til Death - starring Brad Garrett

Consider yourself tagged if you want to join in the fun.


  1. I love this tag! Very informative. I will have to do it soon.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. Yeah! I love getting to know more about you (and seeing you)! I can so relate to your list of things you are looking forward to. (Can I ride in your trunk when you drive through NZ?)

  3. Veronica, you are awesome.

    And your site is greatER!

  4. Oh, and I would love to exchange links. :)

  5. Hi Veronica, I have an award waiting for you.

  6. Hi, I just gave you the Queen of Awe-summm award, come on by and pick it up when you get a chance.

    P.S. You aren't scaring anybody, I'd be the one scaring people if I took a pic right now!

  7. Great pic! I love this tag! Nice to put a wonderful face to the awesome blog!

  8. You look beautiful!

    I'd play, but, I have Elvis hair right now, and make-up is non existent! not finished with my coffee yet either and I don't want to lose any followers LOL.

  9. I love your ideas! I don't have a camera at work with at the moment or I would gladly play along! wait til I get home, then I will consider myself tagged!!

  10. Just dropping by to say HI! That is a cool picture you took in the mirror! What a great idea!

  11. Thank God I'm at work and don't have access to a camera!

    I loved your list of things though. You've "only" been to 12 countries???

    I've never been out of my country.

  12. That is a great picture!! Wow you are 47? There is no way you are beautiful. Thanks for the award you are the best. I love your blog even though I'm not the best commenter around I do read it.

  13. Uh oh, this reminds me--Lola tagged me to do this. Oh--I watch Spongebob too--he CRACKS me up!