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Friday, April 17, 2009

Josh's Drawings

Josh is no Don Marco or Paul Smith but I thought these drawings he painted at the age of 8 are pretty cool.

Village scene - The square boxes on the right are paddy fields.

Outer Space


Mom's favourite meal

Malaysian Batik

Future Buildings

The Incredibles

The Land Before Time

Chinese New Year


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  1. Oh, those are VERY good!! Love the alien!

  2. Please tell Josh, if you guys loved here, I'd PAY him to come draw on Caleb's walls! I always encouraged my children to draw. Art releases your inner beauty! Jeremiah is my artist of the family..he nailed plywood to the walls and painted frogs and a jungle scene for his iguana, It was BEAUTIFUL!

    Josh, your drawings are amazing! Keep up the great work. One day I hope I see you in the art circles here in LA!

  3. Pretty cool? Spoken like a Mom trying not to brag:-) So, I'll brag for you...he is really good!!!! Great use of color, imagination and scale. How's that??? Seriously, my daughter was at about the same stage when she was 8. She now creates stunning paintings. Her favorite painter is Peter Maxx...and she can really paint. It all started with some little birds and chicks, too. Encourage that little cutie:-)

  4. You have some VERY talented kids! These are GREAT!

  5. I think you have a real budding artist on your hands there Veronica. Those are very impressive. I love all the colors!He has a great imagination.

  6. Wow! Those are incredible...and I don't just mean the one of The Incredibles! ;) Your son has some serious talent. Is he doing those at home or in school? Wherever it is, it's great that he has the opportunity to be so creative!

  7. OMG, they're amazing! Really! I think they're quite good. Sign that little dude up for summer art camp!

    The picture with IKEA...LOL. Is Josh a good shopper (or is mom? LOL)?

    Stop by and tell me about your kids' activities!

  8. Great work Josh! I wish I could paint like that. The best thing I've ever drawn is my profile pic.

  9. I'm impressed. My daughter loves to draw to, and constantly has a sketch book at her side.
    Josh you're very talented ☺

  10. Oh he is quite talented. Loving th lobster.

  11. Love these- Josh's use of color is so wonderful! My faves are the duck/chicks-

  12. hi,
    i LOVE josh's picture's! he is very talented with color for a little guy, keep encouraging him. i love to watch children's talent develop and see how much it helps them in life. congrats to you and to josh!

  13. I love your Josh's drawings! My Josh can take lessons from yours. :)

  14. Those are great. What a talented little boy.