Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scott Wade, the dust artist

If you are a clean freak, then these pictures may not be appealing to you. Perhaps Scott Wade could change the way you perceive dust. One thing for sure, Scott would have a hard time finding a car with that much dust in rainy Malaysia.
I'm allergic to dust and I feel a sneeze coming. Ar .... ar.... choo!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! These are fantastic! How in the world did he find that many dirty cars to work on?

I'm allergic to dust too! My nose is running! :-)

Marie Reed said...

You did it again! Another groovy and stellar post! Bravo:)

Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

My home could be his canvas!

TheSublimeLife said...

HOLY COW! =) These are amazing!

kestrel said...

I would't mind him leaving his drawings on my car. In fact, i would spray varnish over and make it a permanent piece, best ever pictures, beats even crayola and food drawings

The Holmes Crew said...

Wow! My home could be a museum of his art. Send him my way!

Fearless Mom said...

As usual, amazing pictures. Where do you find these people?

Lin said...

Oh, I'd be sooo cleaning those windows!!!

Tess said...

I love those!v Whered DO
you find these photos?

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