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Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Just a gallimaufry of AI-generated images, photos and thoughts 📸

Among the vivid memories etched in my mind from my travels in Greece are scenes from the dark side of the beautiful country that continually haunt me.

Behind the postcard-perfect facade of the glorious tourist spots we visited lies a disparate contrast, exposing a side of the country that struggles with social issues, economic hardships, and the harsh realities faced by certain communities.

When I first stumbled upon this impactful tableau, I was struck by a wave of conflicting emotions. On one hand, there was an undeniable urge to capture the raw essence of their existence, to immortalize their resilience in the face of adversity. Yet, on the other hand, it felt disrespectful to intrude upon their privacy, to reduce their lived experiences to mere pixels on a screen.

I grappled with the decision of whether to photograph them. Ultimately, I chose to respect their dignity and privacy, but those heartbreaking scenes left an indelible mark on my soul.

But now, through the lens of A1-generated photography, I find myself presented with a unique opportunity to revisit and share those visuals that continue to resonate within me.


Through the power of AI-generated photography, I pay tribute to those whose stories often go untold, whose struggles are drowned by the cacophony of everyday life. It is my hope that these images serve as a reminder to amplify the voices of those who remain unseen and unheard in the shadows of society.

Grilled sting ray
Grilled stingray is a popular street food in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The stingray, known for its firm and meaty texture, is marinated in a flavorful mixture typically consisting of spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, chili, and lemongrass. Then, it's grilled over an open flame or charcoal, imparting a delightful smokiness to the dish. The intense heat caramelizes the marinade, creating a tantalizing crust on the exterior while keeping the interior tender and juicy.
The banana leaf lends a subtle yet distinctive flavor, adding depth to every bite.
AI-generated image of an Ikan Bakar street vendor. Haha! AI photography is addictive!


Mount Titlis 2019

The mere sight of this vintage radio fills me with nostalgia, conjuring memories of my late father. I can still hear the crackle and hiss of static that filled the room each evening as he turned the knobs, searching for his favorite station playing timeless songs. Amidst the warmth of the radio's glow, songs like "Good Old Summertime" and "The Titanic (When That Great Ship Went Down)" would fill the air, marking moments of pure joy and connection that I'll forever treasure.

Dad's favourite song

This AI-generated depiction perfectly captures a cherished memory precisely as I envisioned it.
Chin Swee Pagoda, Malaysia
I've always imagined a dragon coiling around the pagoda! Sorry, I just couldn't help myself!
It has been 5 years since our beloved guinea pig crossed the rainbow bridge. I think of her often and imagine her frolicking amidst fluffy clouds in the celestial plains. She waits patiently, watching over me with a tender gaze, knowing that one day, we will reunite in a joyous embrace, forever connected by the unbreakable bond we shared.

Last year, we fostered a stray kitty who survived a harrowing car accident. Son #2 rescued the helpless and disoriented feline in the middle of the road one late evening. The brave kitty battled for his life in the ICU of a veterinary hospital for 3 weeks. The accident left Kitty blind and robbed him of his sense of smell. Our home became his sanctuary upon his discharge from the veterinary hospital. Adjusting to life without sight and smell was a daunting task for our furry friend, and his newfound disabilities made him extremely needy and clingy. He refused to move from where he was placed and had to be cuddled all the time, meowing mournfully when left alone.
One evening, as I stood in the kitchen preparing dinner, I felt a gentle nudge against my feet. To my surprise, it was our dear kitty, who had bumped into furniture and obstacles all the way from the living room through sheer determination. Without sight, smell, and with his whiskers obstructed by the cone he was wearing, it must have been quite a feat for him. His cries fell silent as he found me, resting his head on my feet in a moment of profound connection. I wished I had captured that scene on camera, but it would have meant I had to step away to reach my phone, and the spell would have been broken.

Though he has since found a loving forever home, I miss him dearly, and whenever I think of him, I am transported to that tender encounter in the kitchen.

AI-generated image of that profound moment 
Love it or hate it, AI photography allows us to conjure memories and imagination into tangible form, unlocking a realm of creativity previously inconceivable.

Note - Every AI-generated photo you see here is a product of artificial intelligence, meticulously and painstakingly crafted through textual descriptions alone. No actual photographs were utilized or manipulated in the creation of these images.
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  1. Those AI generated pictures are great, I love esp. dragon coiling around the cool!

  2. Dearest Veronica,
    Well, you are quite a photographer and also know how to render these AI images!
    Touching way you describe Greece and the untold realities encountered there.
    Such is often the case and they get lost in the cacophony of everyday life...
    We have many of such images on our soul and only can pray that for all those unfortunate people there will be some reward.
    Five years since you lost your beloved guinea pig... Well, my Mira I lost in 1981 on Valentine's Day. Mauzie the miniature Dachshund girl was so very fond of her! She always talked to me early morning when I came down the stairs... greeting me. Guess they play together now—yours and mine.
    Your kitty story is another heartwarming one and tells about a very great love for life and all living...
    Big hugs,

  3. These are beautiful AI.
    I do like your departed pet and the AI one of it, ever so sweet.
    The homeless people in AI do look good, if homeless people can, but I'm sure you know what I mean.
    Love doing AI myself...take care.

  4. The AI photos are great, but they seems so sad. I love the story of the kitty too, Veronica. Have a great day!

  5. I do not like AI generated photos. Too stylish, too neat, too fake. They look like cartoon stripes.
    Anyway I understand your enjoyment in creating them. 😄😄
    Love the kitty story too.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Unbelievable what is possible with AI.

  7. The AI-generated photos are beautiful.
    I've never had to deal with that and I certainly won't, but the technology is great, as you can see from the AI-processed photos.
    The cat's story is really sad, I wish you comfort with the loss of your cat.
    Greetings Irma

  8. Hello Veronica,
    Wonderful pictures. Very special to see the begging people.
    This can be seen all over the world. Pretty sad.
    And what a delicious food of fish. hmmm..!!

    Many greetings,

  9. I will give AI a go too. It transforms the original image.

  10. What a great ai pictures, thanks for your sharing

  11. You used the AI photos well to bring things to life. I really like the one of the Dad and daughters listening to the radio. I'm sure that one brought good memories and joy.

  12. I'm not a fan of AI photos but I enjoyed your memories and stories. Your guinea pig was precious.

  13. I can't decide if i love it or hate it. But it does have many good sides, and I hope they will really show themselves. And I'm happy that you were able to visualize so many memories. The poverty behind the scenes in many countries is alarming, even in rich countries and towns. Hugs, Valerie

  14. Great collection, Veronica! I like the expression of the child close to the parthenon. Some pictures remind me that rich people become richer while poor people become poorer.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful post!

  15. What a fun use of AI images. I do love the dragon around the building.

  16. Me gusta la fotografías con ia en especial la del dragón. Te mando un beso.

  17. Hello Veronica :=) I do admire your moral principles in not photographing people in desperate circumstances, I would feel the same. A1 has no need of ethics and depicts scenes you have described very well. I like the photo of your dear departed Guinea Pig and the blind kitty that has now found a for ever home. I'm not really a fan of A1 but can appreciate the technology.
    Have a lovely day

  18. I try to avoid taking photos of people during my travels. Some times it is hard to get a shot with so many people around. It is great you found a way by way of using the AI images. The scenes are heartbreaking, especially ones with small children and the pets. I am so happy the kitty has found a loving home. Take care, have a great day and happy weekend!

  19. I don't care for generated photography. They are fake looking to me, and make the faces look creepy of these precious people on the streets who are suffering. As I said before, there is homelessness in every country, and Greece is no different than any other place. Instead of people photographing them, like many tourists do, they should provide comforting words and try to shelter and help them. Compassion is needed for the people living in these conditions.


  20. Such wonderful photos and art, some real smile-makers!

  21. Hi Veronica, Fascinating AI generated photos! This puts a whole new dimension into a Gallimaufry! Nice work! John PS I especially love the photos with the old radios. Yes, I remember those! 😊 John

  22. I'm ambivalent about AI. I'm always a late adopter of technology. LOL.

    Thanks for the visit!

  23. every picture tells a story but I wouldn't know where to begin to use AI for photography. Poor little kitty, that story just breaks my heart.

  24. Essas imagens mexem comigo. Adorei. Beijos e bom fim de semana.

  25. Hello!
    I also use AI in my posts and I like the possibilities it offers us! I loved your photos, they are provocative in the sense that they make us think about what is behind the cool places in Greece! Great post!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  26. Wow this sounds sobering for sure. My landlords are from Greece they go there for the summer but never mention this. They stay on one of the smaller islands were they have house. Wow these AI images are something.

    Allie of

  27. I'm not quite sure what to make of Ai these days, it just seem so dangerous but I do like the one of the old man and the dog.

  28. Hello Veronica,
    The dragon image is cool and I love the cute Guinea Pig and the kitty.
    It is sad to see all the homeless people and that they try taking care of pets too. Wonderful AI photos. hank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day and a happy new week. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  29. Hello Veronica! Unbelievable what is possible with AI! Have a nice day! Hugs for you.

  30. very beautiful photos, have a nice sunday

  31. A wonderful collection of AI photos and a kind way of showing those who are enduring hard times, and bringing attention to their plight. I hope they will get the help so desperately needed. Poor kitty and happy he has found a loving home, and blessings to you and your son for rescuing him.

  32. I enjoyed seeing these AI images and reading about it. What I like about AI is when people explain it is and someone who is putting it up as their art, doesn't use the term AI. I can usually spot it but sometimes it's hard because of all the digital paint programs people use and they are creating their own painting just by using digital but it's real talent. But like you said instead of intruding on their privacy you had a great idea to express it using AI. So I really enjoyed reading about your thoughts and then your AI images and esecially, lolo the pagoda ...that is cool! And then the cat in the kitchen. So sweet. I use to put in ideas in AI and saved off images - because it simply gives me ideas for what I want to sketch. Anyway Veronica thanks for the visits to my instagram (although it's pretty darn boring, lol).

  33. Tutte belle le tue fotografie, peccato che ancora oggi ci siano tnte oersone che non vivono bene. Vedere quella radio miha riportato indietro anni, mi ricordo benissimo quante volte ci mettevamo tutti intorno per ascoltare la musica, bei tempi .
    Buon inizio sttimana.

  34. Wow, this is a deep and thought-provoking post! I love how you're grappling with the beauty and harsh realities of Greece, and how AI art allows you to revisit those experiences in a new light.

  35. Dear Veronica,
    I've never worked with AI photography before, so I don't know enough about it. Do you use actual photos that you have taken and have them altered? Or do you simply enter what content your image should have and what style and the AI will do the rest? In any case, I find the results quite artistic - and you're right, some non-photographed memories can be captured in an image. It doesn't surprise me that you were touched by the misery of the refugees in Greece. We have seen similar fates in India with Bangladeshi or Pakistani refugees... I'm afraid there will be more of them fromn year to year...
    All the best after my blog break,

  36. Ikan Bakar looks delicious ...yummy...
    Fantastic.... generated photos by AI...

  37. That's a very interesting take on AI photography Veronica -- I'd never thought of it in exactly that way, bringing back memories. I have quite a long mental list of things I wish I had a picture of so I can see this coming in handy. (So much to learn, so little time )))

  38. Veronica Lee, thank you for not only an interesting post but also for the comments it generated, all of which I read before adding my comments. First, your heartfelt empathy for the darker side of Greece and not wanting to take photos is understandable. The AI generated images were heartbreaking, especially of the family and older man. That said, I have never tried AI for anything and actually have no immediate plans to do so now. I did enjoy reading of your late father’s radio and the joy it brought your family. The story of the injured kitten that found a new home was heartbreaking but then joyful. Your son was very kind to have rescued it.

  39. That looks funny. But there are some sad scenes too.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting AI.

    Greetings by Heidrun

  40. Marvelous photos, Veronica. Very moving.
    Thank you for sharing at

  41. Lovely shots.

  42. I have used AI art but am still undecided about it as it seems to know and be able to do too much. Having said that, you used it very well to portray the poverty of the parts of Greece that their government wold prefer not to be known.

  43. That old radio photo is great. We haven't done anything with AI yet, not sure how to go about it and not sure if we want to. It does make some fun photos, and it seems to soften everything a bit.

  44. Hello again, dear Veronica. This post is very special. I think in all the countries
    are different sad aspects that as tourist, are difficult to see, just because the time is short, on one side, or our eyes are not so opened...
    Happy WW, dear friend. I hope you are well and full of energy! Hugs!❤️😘

  45. The series of AI generated photos look a fanciful, sad story-telling but actually one aspect of the society. #4 is a little heart-warming as a dog snuggles with a man. Grilled Stingray, which is new to me, looks delicious.

  46. ...a lot about AI is unsettling.

  47. Poor starving old/young, the poverty must end. Great photos Veronica.

  48. Oh my, so beautiful. Well done. I love the old man with the dog.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  49. What a beautiful, thought provoking post and tribute to the folks living in the dark side of Greece. The second photo of the old man and his dog sleeping outside the church made me teary.

    Love what you did with the AI photos. The two guinea pig ones are adorable. And I also loved reading the precious memories you shared of your dad and the radio, as well as the kitty. It's amazing how AI was able to generate exactly what you wanted to illustrate them.

  50. Your AI images are so good that they are kind of scary.

  51. It's strange to see this via AI, great job and well done.
    Thanks so much for participating and sharing at #22 #WW (Words welcome). See you again next week

  52. I haven't thought about AI Photography. At least not until I have seen your posts. This is very interesting to me. Thank you for sharing!
    Take care and best wishes.