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Friday, October 7, 2022


 Just a gallimaufry of photos 📷


Galeries Lafayette, Paris 2019

Jaya Plum (Syzygium cumini)

Japanese dinner
Hakata chashu rice
Fried rice with chashu and ebiko

When eating ramen, it's totally cool to slurp away!
Loud slurping may be rude in western cultures, but in Japan it is considered rude not to slurp!

According to Ippudo, a famous ramen chain in Japan, the key to enjoying ramen is sound. 

"One should slurp the noodles, creating the distinct noise the Japanese describe as zuzutto, which signifies maximum enjoyment of the Ramen, because it is created by simultaneously consuming the noodles and the soup, which allows the complexity of the flavors to spread throughout the mouth, eventually leading to the ultimate experience of Nodogoshi ... the silky sensation of food slipping through one's throat. But do be careful with the hot soup ..." 🍜



Tiffin carriers or dabbas are round, metal, tiered containers used as lunch boxes in Asia. The tiffin culture was adopted by the British from India and brought to Malaya in the mid 1800s.
The colorful tiffins displayed in this restaurant are vintage collectibles that were once used by the *Peranakans. Decorated in enamel paint, these were used to carry food from the kitchen to the workplace.
*Peranakan   A sub-ethnic community of Malay-Chinese ancestry.

In the Indian city of Mumbai, there is a complex and efficient delivery system that regularly delivers hot lunches packed in dabbas to city office workers from their suburban homes or from caterers. The empty dabbas are then returned to the homes/caterers on the same day. It uses delivery workers known as dabbawalas whose only modes of transport are trains and bicycles.
It is claimed that dabbawalas make fewer than one mistake in every six million deliveries.
With a population of over 18 million people in Mumbai, nearly 200,000 homemade lunches are delivered by dabbawalas daily. Even amid the chaos, they have an accuracy of 99.9% in their deliveries!

Cissus roots
Cascading roots in a shopping mall
Nature's curtains
Its incredibly long and fast-growing aerial roots, if left undisturbed, can reach more than 10 m in length and grow so densely that they literally form a curtain of roots, hanging from the tree it grows on. It is also known as Millionaire vine, Princess vine, Tropical Grape vine, etc.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I am amazed when I read about the tropical vine. It looks so huge! The Tiffin boxes are beautiful too.
    Have a great weekend, Veronica! Hugs!

  2. Love those colourful tiffins. I saw something like them in a shop in London a few years ago.
    Spectacular pictures of the cissus roots in that shopping mall! And interesting info about the dabbawalas, who deliver 200,000 homemade lunches daily. It is not easy to deliver all those lunches in such densely anthropized environment. Actually, as you mentioned, they are doing their job in a place with a population of over 18 million people!
    With regards to dabbawalas' accuracy in their deliveries, your blog archives' pictures of Paris memind me that the second time I went there, in 2010, Air France lost my luggage on the way back home. They delivered the luggage two weeks later ... Air France hasn't the same accuracy as we see in Mumbay :-)

    Interesting post, Veronica!

    Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. Hi,

    Nice blog. I am new. Do you want to follow each other?

  4. Dearest Veronica,
    Your photos fromGaleries Lafayette!
    And that video about the Mumbai dabbawalas brought me back to the chaos of that enormous city. We did travel through Mumbai several times.
    Nature's curtain is quite something.
    Of course your Japanese food was mouthwatering.
    Big hugs,

  5. What a wonderful share :) thanks for your sharing...

  6. So many stunning photos. I particularly like the painted tins to carry food from home to work. So interesting. The vine is amazing and the shots of the ceiling in Paris are spectacular. Such a wonderful post.. Thanks.

  7. I love those colourful tiffins. The nature's curtain looks really impressive.

  8. Hello,
    I love those metal lunch boxes. Beautiful roses and plants. Your meals all look delicious. The photos of the Galleries Lafayeete are gorgeous. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  9. Great post will share the rules of eating

  10. I always seem to learn something from your blog, Veronica. I didn't know about tiffins; they are so cute! And wow with the homemade lunches! All lovely photos!


  11. A wonderful post and many interesting sights. The food looks incredible and the glass ceiling is amazing!

  12. The tiffins caught my eye, as I scrolled through your post. They are very colorful and pretty as well as functional.

  13. I'd never heard of tiffin boxes before, Veronica - these are beautiful! And I can't believe what a fantastic delivery system they have, with so few mistakes. I think that might be the most impressive fact with the exception of those fabulous roots. Wow! Nature is chock-full of wonders, isn't it?

  14. Beautiful images from Paris. The food is making me hungry...

  15. If only I could respond in my native language, I'd have a lot to say. Now I say it in English. So beautiful, your photos: architecture. Slurping, I knew it. But it's not allowed here. It's rude.

    About food: it's so colorful and varied in your photos. Here in the Netherlands we love to mash up their food. We like to mix and mash everything into one big blend.

    I love to see the Tiffin Carriers. Thanks for sharing it on the www.

  16. From that delicate pink rose to those amazingly long roots, what a wonderful collection of photos to feast the eyes on! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Those ceilings in Paris are incredible. So much detail and art in them. I enjoyed watching the Ramen video. It was interesting to hear about the "slurp." I do like Ramen, but we don't slurp it here, so it was a different way to see how it's eaten there. Those roots growing at the mall are amazing. Would love to see those in person. And I really like those enamel containers, especially the bird one. You always have such delightful post. And I learn something about your culture every time. Thank you.


  18. Such terrific photos, the ones from Paris are gorgeous. For some reason I always get hungry after visiting here!

  19. Lindas fotos me enamore de la rosa. Te mando un beso.

  20. It's lovely to be reminded of Galleries Lafayette. Your photos are so much better than any I took. Fabulous. Love all the food, of course, and and those pretty Tiffin boxes!

  21. Those roots are amazing! I have been to Paris a few times, but never to the Galeries Lafayette. Must remedy that!

  22. What beautiful photos these are, the food looks delicious.
    We don't slurp here, I also find it very strange to see in the video.
    Those ceilings in Paris are incredible.
    The metal luchboxes are also very nice and very useful I think.
    I have enjoyed your blog again.
    Greetings Irma

  23. I have to confess that slurping drives me mildly crazy! I can't imagine sitting in a restaurant while everyone around me is slurping.

  24. Hello Veronica,
    What a great pictures. So nice to see all these places. This all could be in a travel magazine.
    And what a delicious make me hungry.
    That must be nice to be there.

    Greetings, Marco

  25. Olá, Veronica, sua postagem está maravilhosa, gostei muito das fotos e dos vídeos, também! Conheci muitas coisas, muito curioso tudo, obrigada pela excelente partilha.
    Uma ótima semana!

  26. That pink roses stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Love the word "zuzutto". All new to me. And, such a fun word to say.

  27. A beautiful 'Gallimaufry#52' they are excellent Veronica, lovely blog.

  28. That curtain of roots sure is pretty and it's in a shopping mall? How cool that would be to see. The food looks really good.

  29. It's fun catching up with you today and seeing all of your lovely photos. I love the vintage tiffins and have never seen anything like them. Wow!

  30. Loving the pink rose, we have just bought a house so I am planning to plant my yellow roses outside the front door.

  31. aww... stunning architectures....
    I eat fried rice at least one a week... yummy.

    Have a great weekend

  32. Oh very wonderful photos darling

  33. First of all that food.. yum!
    We were in Paris some months ago and that ceiling is as beautiful as in your pictures. And oh my that nature curtain is simply stunning.

  34. Another wonderful collection - the pink roses are my favorite

  35. Amazing photos and captured perfectly oh and the food again looks irresistable

    Have a deliciously gallimaufrytastic week 👍

  36. It is always so much fun looking at and reading your posts Veronica. And the food always makes me hungry. Those ceiling shots are just beautiful and the vine roots so interesting. I was interested in the tiffins -- what a pretty way to carry your lunch. And the part about the Indian system of food delivery was fascinating also. (I always learn something new from your posts too!)

  37. I so loved your gorgeous photos of the Lafayette in Paris. I definitely need to visit someday!

  38. Absolutely stunning photos - all of them!
    Thanks for sharing at

  39. I knew about the Bombay dabawallas from something I watched on TV. And those Tiffin containers are beautifully finished. Nice post again Veronica.

  40. I took a bunch of those photos of the ceiling of the Galleries Lafayette too! I went to Paris in 95 (I think; pretty sure it was spring of my senior year of high school). That curtain of roots is so neat.

  41. My goodness you packed a lot in this post. The Dabbas system is astounding. I wish we had that when we were working. I'd have rather eaten my wife's cooking anytime. I love the Tiffins. I guess that I have seen them and not known what they are.
    Those long cissus roots are incredible.
    Your opening photos are amazing. The concert hall or whatever it is is amazing.

  42. When I was a young child, when it was teatime my gran used to say, "Time for tiffin." I never knew why she called it that. If I was older I would probably have asked. Now I know why she called it that, thank you.
    The galleries Lafayette are beautiful.

  43. Can you imagine building those stained glass domes? And how? I saw an entire show (PBS? I think) on the Mumbai lunch delivery. Totally amazing. No huge corporations, just ordinary women cooking in their own kitchens.

  44. Love the glass dome photos in Paris and those vines are pretty fascinating.

  45. ...Veronica, you have collected so many visual delights, the Cissus roots are amazing.

  46. You are so talented in making these photos. The domes are spectacular
    But also the last images with the special roots! Fabulous!
    Thank you so much, Veronica!
    Happy WW and a fine week!

  47. Beautiful and so very colorful, but I got stuck on all the delicious food. Yummy.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  48. Great pictures and great videos. The pictures at the beginning of the ceiling "windows" look like sea urchins!

  49. Wow the last photos from the nature are my favourite it must be an amazing place and you see it in "real"

  50. Beautiful post, Veronica. Your photos show us many splendid things. The colourful tiffins are absolutely beautiful and I learned a lot from reading your post. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  51. The pretty tiffins are also perfect for carrying tea snacks!

  52. Another set of wonderful photos full of colour and vibrancy, specially the photos of The Galeries Lafayette. The Cissus roots are incredibly amazing.


  53. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Greetings, Raquel

  54. What an amazing bunch of photos. Love the galleries, and those aerial roots look fascinating. I've never seen or heard of such a phenomenon before.
    And that food looks so good it has made me very hungry and off to my refrigerator for a late night snack.