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Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Garlic Vine

Whenever I think of Mom, I always picture her in her oversized straw hat. 

I see her out in the garden, pruning, weeding, talking to her beloved plants and feeding the birds.

This is the image I will always have of her.

My mom had a super green thumb.

Every corner in her garden brimmed with colour and life.

A devoted gardener, she spent many happy hours pottering around her garden before she became lost in the fog of her own mind when dementia got her.

With Mom's deteriorating condition and my dad's lack of interest in gardening, the flowers slowly languished one by one and her once beautiful garden became no more than a neat, simple yard.

Some days, in moments when she is lucid, Mom almost always asks me where all her flowers have gone.

I distract her and she forgets her question.

In March 2020, our government imposed an interstate travel ban in response to Covid-19 and I couldn't visit my elderly parents for several months.

Imagine my surprise when we were greeted by a dazzling burst of purple from Mom's garden as we were approaching the house on our first visit home since the lockdown.

Dad has no idea who planted the flowers in their garden and we concur that the Garlic Vine grew from seeds that were dispersed by Mother Nature and  most probably birds.

Most days, Mom sits in her favourite spot by the window and stares blankly at the Garlic Vine. 

Some days, she notices the beauteous violet blooms and repeatedly exclaims in pure joy how pretty they are.

And I can tell by the look in her eyes that she is once again in her beautiful garden, tending to the flowers and enjoying the company of the visiting birds and other wildlife.

I'd like to believe that the Garlic Vine is a gift from the birds for Mom.

Fun Fact

The Garlic Vine is so named because when parts of this plant are crushed, they emit the fresh smell of garlic!


  1. Türkiye'de 65 yaş ve üstü insanlar için seyahat yasağı var. Sadece çok özel durumlarda belge ile seyahat edebiliyorlar. Ve bir çok insan bu yüzden çok uzun süredir yaşlı ebeveynlerini göremiyor...

  2. Beautifully written Veronica! I'm glad you got to see your parents and I am saddened of your mom's dementia. I would like to say the gift of the garlic vine was from God delivered by the birds :)


  3. Very beautiful the images of flowers. Very, very nice. Thanks for your sharing. Bye.

  4. You know, Veronica, you can't know which parts of your your mom's mind are functioning as they always did, and responding to stimuli. Perhaps these vibrant blooms trigger memories of happy times spent with them. I suspect that they do, and in the process they bring joy to all of us, even to me far away in Canada who can only see pictures of them. It is evident that everyone is winning from this event. Next time you see your mom give her a hug from me and tell her that it came a long way for her. Who knows, she might understand?

  5. A very touching life moment.
    I am sure that this wonderful flowers are a gift for your dear mother!
    I wish you serene days, Veronica!

  6. Why not? ... Your mother had feeded the birds, and one year later those birds brought the Garlic Vine's seeds in her garden.🐦
    The purple color of those flowers is marvelous.🌺
    Have a nice week, Veronica!

  7. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. I am glad that your mother enjoys seeing them, it makes her day I'm sure. Thanks for sharing this touching story. Have a wonderful week!

  8. This Gorgeous Beauty Is A New One On Me - From The Birds, Brilliant - Very Heart Warming Post - Well Done


  9. How touching that these flowers were blooming, whether it came from God, or he prompted the birds to spread the seeds in her yard. You, dear lady were touched as well, because God knows how hard this is for you to see your mother like this. One day, your mom will meet you in heaven, all healed up, she will welcome you there! What a loving God we have, and what a privilege it is to know Him. Many thanks for sharing this personal story with All Seasons, Jesh

  10. I've never seen these or heard of them. Very pretty and quite unusual.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/03/oh-tommy.html

  11. What a nicely written post it's a very cruel disease it's hard not being able to visit loved ones during these times but this had a heartwarming end, beautiful photos thanks for sharing those too.

    I send you my best wishes to you and your family

    Have a safetastic week Veronica 😷😷😷

  12. Your sweet story is beautifully written - like the purple flowers. I lost my mom decades ago and think of her often. Thanks for sharing your story - it touched med.

  13. Nature heals itself and us! Such an heartwarming anecdote.

  14. Oh Veronica, so a wonderful post about your Mom and the garden and flowers. The Image you make from your Mom is so beautiful - thanks for the short view in your and your family life.
    Greetings from Germany

  15. I picture my mom in much the same way. She had a green thumb (that I did not inherit) and she was often out in her garden in an oversized straw hat. I am glad you can visit your mom again. Maybe the garlic vine is a wonderful nudge to remember your mom and the beautiful flowers she loves.

  16. They are beautiful! I love the color!

    I just visited my parents for the first time, in a very long time. We all are vaccinated, except for the boys. They don't have the option yet.

  17. Beautiful flowers, have my favorite color! Not the smell ... ☺

    Have a fine day, Veronica!

  18. The Garden Vine is a beautiful gift brought by the birds and sent by God for your mother.

  19. Watching someone you love slowly go away is super hard, but someone sent that beautiful garlic vine and it is a true gift.

  20. ...beautiful floral delights and lovely memories of your mother.

  21. It surely is a well deserved gift for your mother. This post made me smile.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  22. I did not know this name of flower.
    Very beautiful! Thank you for the presentation!
    I love this color!
    Happy WW, Veronica!

  23. It made me smile to know that your mom finds joy in the wayward flower in the garden!

    Thank you for being a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  24. Thanks for sharing! I am so glad the Great Spirit sent your Mom a terrific gift! And the Garlic Vine is lovely! What a terrific gift! Have a marvellously happy day!

  25. I can't imagine what you've gone through with your mum, I don't know how I'd handle it but as a keen gardner I hope I'm always able to plant something.


  26. Definitely beauty send from above.
    So nice that your Mother has noticed such a
    wonderful plant.

  27. What great image of your mom to have in a big straw hat. My mother was a gardener too. She loved her irises.

    The garlic vine is so pretty. What an amazing surprise.

  28. How wonderful for the days when she recognizes the blooms. No doubt a blessing for those who see it happen as well. They are very lovely!

  29. Those flowers are no doubt a wonderful present from mother nature. It must be a joy to see your mother enjoy those flowers in her lucidity.

  30. I am glad the birds planted these seeds of joy for your mother. And I’m also so happy for you and your mom and dad that you at last got to go visit them. That inability to visit elderly family has been an awful consequence of this pandemic.

  31. Such a beautiful post ! These flowers remind me of a beautiful sunny summer!

  32. Ich bin die Eva aus Deutschland und lebe in Tamm bei Ludwigsburg im Schwabenländle.
    Du hast aber lustige Fotos, die Schlüpfer sind ja grandios aber auch die Blumen sind wunderschön
    Liebe Grüße Eva

  33. Beautiful flowers! I so understand about not being able to visit your parents. It has been two years since I have seen my father and the last time was when my mom passed away. I hope there will be many more clear moments for your mom as she enjoys the garlic vines again.