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Sunday, March 21, 2021


I thought I would do a different kind of post today.

You see, I sometimes confuse one blogger for another blogger especially when they are new to my blog.

I only realized today that a blogger buddy whom I had been interacting with for some time is actually another blogger with the same name and from a totally different country! One is from Poland and the other from Belgium!

I thought they were both one and the same person!

This has actually happened a couple of times, particularly namesake bloggers with similar blog templates.

So, what I would love for you to do for me today is to just say "Hello" in your language and tell me which country you are from in the comments.

And if you are from the US, it would be cool if you could mention your state too.

To start the ball rolling ...

Apa Khabar?  I am from Malaysia.

Well, it appears from many of the comments I received that some of you thought  I was American and lived in the US!

In case you are wondering where Malaysia is...

image credit - http://ontheworldmap.com/

Terima Kasih, semua!


  1. Hi,

    i am form Germany, named Bernhard my blog:

    Best Regards

  2. Hello Veronica Lee,
    I'm Bill and I live in Dungloe, Ireland which is on the west coast of Ireland.

  3. Hello Veronica!! Betty from Phoenix, Arizona in the great United States of America!! Cute idea to do this! Now I'm curious who your Poland friend is as I'm 100% Polish. I will have to check back in your comments and see if that person commented :)


  4. İ'm from Turkey... İ'm wondering the other countries my blog

  5. Merhaba :-)) Türkiye'den sevgiler:-)

  6. Hello Veronica!

    I am from Italy 🇮🇪
    I've understood you don't live in the US ... and you are from Malaysia.


    Have a nice week!


  7. I am David and I live in Ontario, Canada. You will be happy to know, Veronica, that not only did I know where Malaysia is located in the world, I visited your country a few short years ago.

  8. Servus und Hallo, liebe Veronica! :-)
    I realized from the beginning that you live in Malaysia. (I could read it in your blog profile - and I did, because I was curious, for example because of your blog title and the term "ramen", which I associate with Asian food ;-))
    I think you already know that I live in Austria, very close to our capital Vienna. But I'm happy to tell you again :-DDD
    All the best,

  9. Oh, gees....I think you remember me, no?? Lin...from Chicago in the US. :)

  10. Great idea! 😊

    Bună ziua! (Hello! / Good afternoon! / Good day!) Bună! (Hi!)
    I'm from Romania, Europe.
    I wish you a wonderfull week! 😊

  11. Hei!
    Jeg er fra Norge !

    I have visited your beautiful country :)

  12. I'm Carol @ Comfort Spring and live in Florida, USA.


  13. Yeah, I know about the name problem, lol. Well, you just live "close" to Florida, at the East end of the USA. I moved 9 hours East from California, but not quite Florida:):) I remember the word "apa" from my parents (who spoke Indonesian:)). Thank you for sharing the stunning beach with All Seasons.
    Regretfully, I think I have to start going over to a simple copy and paste perma link in your comment, like the rest of the wordpress people. I'll explain more in the post on Sunday
    Right now underneath your post there's an ad "stop your wordpress headaches and pay just $147 (per year)" - that would even be a greater headache for me!

  14. Good to meet you. I am from the US and live in South Dakota. It is on the northern prairie, an environment very different from your south sea paradise.

  15. Hello from North Carolina, on the east coast of the United States!
    Thanks for joining us at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/03/duke-gardens-memories.html

  16. Waves @ Veronica

    I'm Steve @ bethere2day from Central London UK 👍

    Have a greetingstasic safe week 👍😷😷😷

  17. Well I knew you were from Malaysia Veronica. Perhaps your name does not immediately signify the Far East to some readers?

    I am British (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) and I live in the county of Lancashire in the west of England.

  18. That has happend to me to. It took a while before I cacht it. I am from the countyside in Norway. About an hour from the capital Oslo.

  19. Namaste _/\_
    Am Magiceye from Mumbai, India.

  20. Hi Veronica, I'm from the USA and live in the state of California.

    I knew you were from another country, but didn't know which one until today.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  21. Hello, dear friend ! Malaysia is a very beautiful country!
    I'm from Poland :)

  22. Hej på dej, Veronica :D

    My name is Birgitta and I live in cold Sweden. But in fact you notice today that spring is on its way, so there is still hope :)

    Have a nice week!

  23. Hi, I'm Nic, a Continental European citizen who's been living in Scotland for the last 20+ years.

  24. Hello! It was so nice of you to introduce all of us to each other! I am enjoying reading all the comments.

    I am from Pennsylvania, US.

  25. Hello from Sydney! I have been to Malaysia many times, as a child and with my own family....I miss travel!

  26. Hi Veronica. I am from Eastern Canada.
    I've never been to Malaysia. Hopefully one day.

  27. Kia Ora - Hello from new Zealand!

  28. Bună dimineața! (Good morning!)
    I am Zina, from Romania, Europe.

    Have a fine day, Veronica!

    P.S. It was a good idea!

  29. What a good idea! It is so nice to find out where everyone comes from. I did know you were from Malaysia as I often look at profiles. I am Jackie from Devon in the Southwest of England.
    I have two blogs, Jackie's Photos Blog where I originally posted photos from our mainly cruise holidays, and now my Wordless Wednesday posts.
    My main blog is my cat blog where I post my Friday Flashbacks in their memory.

  30. Blogging does bring all kinds of people from all parts of the world together! We are from the US, in Minnesota.

  31. Blogging has definitely been a fantastic way to connect with people around the world!

    Bonjour, hi! from Canada!

  32. Buna ziua! (Good day!)
    I am Suzana, from Romania!

    Happy WW, Veronica! I hope all the doubts about us will vanished!

  33. ...you must be speaking Kara and Kara. I often get Veronica Lee and Lydia Lee confused. I'm Tomo from the Backroads Traveller and I live in the Rochester, New York area.

  34. Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  35. Hi y'all! We live in Fort Worth Texas, USA.

    What a beautiful place Malaysia is, I'm on my way!

  36. robin from New York, blogging as songbird of songbird's crazy world https://songbirdscrazyworld.blogspot.com/

  37. Hello. We are five kitties and our Dad from USA Pennsylvania

  38. Hello Veronica
    This is a great way to get to know your readers

    I’m Cathy and live a little bit south of you in Melbourne. Have visited Malaysia and even lived there at one time (many years ago)
    Take care

  39. I live in Belgium, in Waterloo near Brussels where the European Union has its buildings.

  40. I have a couple of ladies who link up that I confuse, too, so I can relate.

    This is a great idea! I like to know where people are from to better understand their gardens and weather and such, but not all make that info known on their blogs.

    I am Betty from New Zealand, originally from Kansas.

    I'm happy to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

  41. lol, I guess that is one reason I use my alias when I post.
    NatureFootstep / Monica/ Sweden!

  42. Namaste! Pranaam! Sat Sri Akal! from India Veronica 💗

  43. Hi Veronica, I am Valerie from Hope Valley (don't you love the sound of that?) in South Australia, Australia

  44. Hello Veronica. I knew somehow that you were from Malaysia. I love having blogging friends from all over. It is one of the best parts of blogging and a great way to learn a bit of geography and world history and culture. Thank you for your posts from Malaysia. I’m from the State of Oregon in the Northwest Corner of the USA. Since we retired from work, we have been traveling In the winter and for the last ten years have been in Florida for about half the year. (But we stayed home in Oregon this last time because of the pandemic.). Florida is all the way across the country , over 5,000 miles.

  45. Alissa here. I live in Omaha, Nebraska USA. It's not by anything really. No ocean, or mountains. Just grassland. Omaha is a small city that thinks it's really big.

  46. I too have gotten bloggers confused over the years! You were so easy to remember because of my very own Veronica Leigh. But here I am - I am Melanie aka Mellie from the bayous of Louisiana, USA. We are right along the coast of LA less than 100 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

  47. Wow, Veronica, with over 2,000 followers, I'm amazed that you don't get more names mixed up. I would never be able to keep track.
    Sandy from Purcellville, Virginia (USA).